Living room with a tv console and a coffee table

How To Match Your Coffee Table With Your TV Console

Decorating your living room is both exciting and challenging, considering its impact on the overall look and feel of your home. From choosing the right colour palette to arranging furniture in a visually pleasing manner, every decision plays a significant role in creating a cohesive and inviting space. When it comes to matching your coffee table with your TV console, achieving harmony is essential.


This complementation creates a unified focal point, allowing the room to flow seamlessly, preventing any individual piece from appearing out of place or disjointed. To achieve this look, here are some tips you can follow!


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1. Stick To A Similar Colour Palette

One of the fundamental aspects of creating a unified living room design is sticking to a consistent colour palette. When choosing your coffee table and TV console, consider selecting pieces that share a similar colour scheme. If your console has a dark wood finish, opt for a coffee table in a complementary shade or one that features similar wood tones.


Alternatively, for consoles with a sleek black or white design, look for a coffee table that incorporates these minimalistic hues as well. This colour coordination will tie your furniture pieces together, creating a visually appealing and integrated look.


2. Take Note Of The Furniture Height

While matching the coffee table with your TV console, it’s essential to consider the height of each piece. A coffee table that is significantly taller or shorter than your console can disrupt the overall balance of your living room. So, in order to create a harmonious visual flow, aim for a table that is within a similar height range as your TV console. This balanced arrangement will not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure functionality and convenience for you and your guests.


3. Ensure A Consistent Theme

To achieve a put-together look, establishing and maintaining a consistent theme throughout your living room is crucial. Determine the style or theme you want to convey, such as modern, rustic, or eclectic, and ensure that both the coffee table and TV console align with this theme. If you vibe with a modern aesthetic look, go for sleek, minimalist designs for both furniture pieces. For a rustic theme, select coffee tables and TV consoles made of reclaimed wood or featuring distressed finishes.


4. Balance The Design Elements

In addition to the points above, you should also try to achieve a balanced composition when matching your coffee table with your TV console. This can be easily done by taking into consideration the visual weight of your furniture items, determined by the size, shape, colour and texture of each piece. For a visually dominant TV console, balance it out with a coffee table that has a similar visual weight. For example, if your TV console is large and imposing, opt for a substantial coffee table that can hold its own.


You can also place items such as vases, books, or decorative objects on both the coffee table and TV console to create a sense of cohesion and stability. Distribute these items evenly, ensuring that they complement each other in terms of size, colour, and visual impact.


With these tips in mind, you are now equipped to create a living room that perfectly blends functionality with aesthetics, leaving a lasting impression on both yourself and your guests. Enjoy the process of designing your ideal living room with Snow Globe and revel in the joy it brings to your everyday life. Contact us today to know more about our furniture in Singapore!