Coffee Tables

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Coffee Table by Snow Globe Singapore

Coffee and side tables create a focus in a living room. Put together with a sofa and some armchairs, the space instantly becomes somewhere to chill, relax and put your feet up.


Snow Globe Singapore’s range of side and coffee tables are more than just a simple short table to put your coffee cup and rest your feet. We have a lovely range of coffee tables and side tables that can be the statement piece rather than a standard furniture item.


Matching a coffee table to your needs is relatively simple. Choose round coffee tables if much of the other furniture in the room is square or rectangular to add some variety. Glass coffee tables are great for small spaces as they take up little visual bulk in a room. Marble coffee tables add that instant touch of luxe and character. Wooden coffee tables add a nice bit of texture.


At Snow Globe Singapore, our collection of coffee and side tables includes a wide range of luxury style pieces mixing gold electroplated steel, marble to industrial style pieces mixing metal and light woods. We have something to suit any style.