Side & Coffee Tables Singapore

Discover our carefully selected range of side and coffee tables that seamlessly blend style and function in home decor. These tables go beyond mere surfaces; they make a design statement while offering practicality. Whether you prefer contemporary or timeless designs, our collection has the ideal side and coffee tables to enhance your living spaces and elevate your everyday experience.

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Side Tables and Coffee Tables by Snow Globe Singapore

While most side tables and coffee tables in Singapore share a common height and are often differentiated by their materials, shapes, and sizes, these distinctions are vital considerations when selecting a table. Rectangular or round tables? Wooden or glass tabletops? Let’s explore some insights to guide your decision-making.

Round side tables and coffee tables are particularly practical in Singaporean homes, catering to small living spaces. Square and rectangular tables, while potentially limiting in compact areas, can be exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. Glass side tables and coffee tables offer easy maintenance and an elegant surface, while wooden tabletops exude classic, vintage charm. At Snow Globe, we offer a diverse selection of coffee tables to match your preferences.

  • Glass Side Tables and Coffee Tables: Our collection features elegant and luxurious glass tables, known for their easy maintenance and suitability for various interior design styles.
  • Round Side Tables and Coffee Tables: Ideal for smaller living spaces, round tables eliminate sharp corners, promoting a modern and liberal style in your decor.
  • Square Side Tables and Coffee Tables: For a more traditional and classic living room atmosphere, explore our square and rectangular tables, perfect for spacious living rooms.
  • Wooden Side Tables and Coffee Tables: Snow Globe offers an extensive range of wooden tables that seamlessly complement various living room styles.

A living room is seldom complete without a central side table or coffee table, often serving as a focal point in interior design. With numerous design and style options available in Singapore, classic solid wood tables remain beloved, but they are no longer the sole choice. Stone or marble tops, minimalist designs, glass surfaces, and rustic crate box styles are gaining popularity in modern homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Side Tables and Coffee Tables

What is the primary difference between a side table and a coffee table?

Side tables are typically smaller, designed to be placed beside seating, while coffee tables are larger and often positioned at the centre of a seating area.

How do I choose the right size for a coffee table for my living room?

Choosing the right size coffee table is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. Measure the available space, and make sure the coffee table's height is appropriate for the seating around it. The ideal height is generally within a few inches of the height of the seat cushions.

Can I use a side table as a coffee table or vice versa?

You can use a side table as a coffee table or vice versa if it fits your space and style, but you should be mindful of the size difference. A side table might be too small for a central coffee table, and a large coffee table could overwhelm the space beside a chair or sofa.

Can I use side tables and coffee tables in other areas of my home, such as the bedroom or entryway?

Yes, you can use side tables as nightstands in the bedroom, providing a convenient surface for a lamp, alarm clock, and other essentials. Coffee tables can be used in various rooms, such as the family room, as versatile surfaces for displaying decor, storing items, or simply providing a focal point in the space.