5 Tips to keep your bedroom clutter-free

Organising Your Small Bedroom: 5 Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for comfort and convenience. However, maintaining a relaxing and well-organised bedroom is no mean feat, especially when faced with the reality of clutter creeping into every space. Rest assured that we understand this struggle all too well.


In fact, those with compact bedrooms are particularly susceptible to feeling overwhelmed with clutter. As the mess piles up, you may even find your stress levels rising, making it impossible to relax. Well, fret not! Let us share how you can keep your bedroom clutter-free, transforming the place into a haven of tranquillity and order.


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Tip #1: Maintain a simple bedroom layout


Image of a well-kept bedroom


Simplicity is essential to maintaining a compact, well-kept bedroom. From a dressing table to the bed, there is plenty to include in an intact bedroom. However, adding too many items will only make the area feel overcrowded. So, stick to the essentials and opt for a clean, streamlined layout. 


Consider a minimalistic approach with a bed, a bedroom cabinet, and perhaps a compact bedside table. This setup is ideal for creating a visually appealing atmosphere while maintaining a sense of openness, making your bedroom feel more spacious than it actually is.

Tip #2: Utilise the space under the bed

Being savvy with storage and utilising every inch of available space to maximum effect is crucial to creating a more balanced and clutter-free bedroom. So, if you have sufficient storage space under the bed, please use it! This area under the bed is perfect for stowing off-season clothes or bed linen.


We recommend investing in plastic boxes to pack as many items as possible under your bed while staying organised. Alternatively, a storage or ottoman bed is an excellent option for those not keen on exposed storage boxes, as it provides a hidden storage space the same size as your bed.

Tip #3: Maintain a clear bedside table


Image of a bedside table


We have all been guilty of piling clutter on our bedside table on several occasions, transforming the place into a dumping ground. However, this seemingly innocuous act can quickly turn the area into a mess.


To keep your bedside clear, you can stick to this simple rule: only items relating to sleep or serving a practical purpose should have a spot on the table. That includes objects like a bedside lamp or a humidifier. Meanwhile, say goodbye to everything else. Remember, less clutter means a calmer, more restful sleep.

Tip #4: Rethink your freestanding furniture

In a compact bedroom, every piece of furniture should serve a practical purpose without overwhelming the space. So, inspect your current bedroom furniture setup and decide whether it is working for you. Meanwhile, consider how you can incorporate multi-functional pieces to maximise utility without sacrificing aesthetics.


For instance, a vanity table can function as storage for your cosmetics and accessories while providing you with a place to groom yourself. You can even complement it with a storage bench that doubles as a seat. This thoughtful approach to decorating your bedroom ensures that each piece of furniture contributes to the overall harmony of the space.

Tip #5: Think vertically


Image of a neat storage


Compact bedrooms lack the space for plentiful item storage. Therefore, you must be innovative with the storage space you have. Usually, that means thinking vertically and maximising wall space wherever you can.


Utilise the height of your bedroom cabinet fully by placing shelves or storage boxes on top to store books or seasonal items. Additionally, decorative hooks mounted on the wall or back of the door are helpful for hanging clothes or organising jewellery.


We hope these simple tips can help transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and functionality. If you are ready to embrace the process and foster a space that nurtures your well-being, look no further than Snow Globe for your furniture storage needs! Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive range of products.