How to create a stunning living room set-up?

More than just the usual reception area for your guests, our living rooms serve more function than that. Just think of it, after a long day of work, you are first welcomed in your living room too. This is where your children greet you; the first area of your house that reminds you that you are home.

However, if you don’t feel relaxed or at ease anymore upon sitting on your living room sofa, or if you already feel a bit claustrophobic, then it’s time for an upgrade. But, if you think that you have to go overboard on your budget when redesigning, then you’re mistaken. Pro tip: Go back to basic.


Living room furniture in Singapore all have a common ground and here are five living room basics tips on furniture and arrangement that you may want to consider in restructuring your living room to something that gives you a homey feeling again.


Have a focal point. A focal point is a centrepiece, a subject, an existing feature that is the main attraction of the whole living room which the surrounding elements emphasize. 

It could be in the form of television, fireplace, painting, portrait, or even a window. Establishing a focal point would help you determine how you would be arranging your furniture around it.


Create a conversation space.  Living rooms are supposed to make people feel comfortable and open. A living room with a great ambience and vibe make people feel light and want to talk. Guests and homeowners alike should be able to do this effortlessly. No neck strains, no shouting, and no dragging of the sofa to eradicate the space between you and your guest.

What you can do is to find a piece of sofa furniture around Singapore that would be a perfect fit for your living room and creating a natural space for conversation areas. Remember to never block your line of sight with other living room accessory that you might pick up.


Make space for the traffic flow. Before you get carried away with restructuring your living room and overstuff it with everything that appeals to you, keep in mind that you have to leave enough room for everyone to walk around. Make sure that there is a proportionate room for anyone to roam around without the anxiety of knocking something off.


Stay away from the walls.  Having your furniture backs against your home walls is a big no. Remember the need to create a conversational space? By backing up your furniture against the walls, you are going against the need to create an intimate and conversational space. The trick to a light yet stunning living room is setting it for you and your family, friends, and guests to all get closer together.

Pull away from the walls. Use your furniture to accentuate your centrepiece and make conversational space.


Do not forget that accessories are just accessories. Once your furniture is restructured in place. It is also important to know where to properly place your accessories. 

Take note that accessories should accentuate your overall theme and not become your theme. If you already feel unsure about an accessory, it simply means it does not belong there.


Key Takeaway

Restructuring your living room into a stunning but homey one can indeed get frustrating at times. Personal aesthetic, lifestyle, budget, and furniture layout do not make it harder to restructure. The styling and designing do. So, to not get confused, better to go back to basics.

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