Gold Side Table for Beside of Sofa

How to choose the perfect side table

Side tables may be small in size, but they certainly make a large difference to a room. Apart from providing you with a surface to put down small items like drinks or magazines, side tables also open up endless decorative possibilities for your home in Singapore. Placed on both sides of a sofa, for instance, they can effortlessly bring about a sense of balance to the room; they can also help you furnish the space with an extra pop of colour, and even encourage or anchor visual flow. Instead of leaving this furniture as a side thought, let us help you choose the perfect side tables to decorate your living room!


Side tables that are too tall or short can throw off the room’s design, so it is important to measure the other surrounding furniture before you make a purchase. Most often, side tables should measure the same height as, or within 5cm of the height of the chair’s arm beside them. For a side table that is placed next to an armless chair or sofa, you have the freedom to decide if it should be equal to the height of the seated cushion, or where the chair’s arm might be.

Gold Shorter Side Table

However, interior designers sometimes bend the rules when it comes to the height of the side table – if a shorter side table is chosen, a tall decorative piece such as a slim flower vase can be used to furnish it, so as to make up for the height of the furniture and provide added visual weight.

Black Side Table


Picking between round or rectangular side tables can depend on how large your room is and the shapes of the other furniture present. Round tables are an easier option for smaller rooms because they take up lesser space. Furthermore, instead of breaking up an already limited area into even smaller sections, the gentle curves of round tables allow for smoother visual flow – making them ideal for smaller homes in Singapore. Families with young children may also choose round side tables for safety reasons, so the kids will not hurt themselves on the edges.

Madeline Glass Side Tables

Rectangular side tables are suitable for larger homes, at the same time providing a larger surface area for arranging decorative pieces, such as vases or lamps, and items in hand. Unlike round tables that encourage visual flow, rectangular ones create a visual anchor, pulling together and finishing the design just like punctuation in a sentence.

Natalia Beside Table


The material and design of your side table contribute to its look. Not only are glass tabletops great for holding food and drinks, but their transparent look also allows them to match easily with any other colour or pattern of furniture in the room. Side tables that are made with wood are also very versatile and pair well with most interior styles – lighter finishes create an airier ambience, whilst darker woods bring out the classic, luxurious, or rustic designs.

Luxury Style Furniture

Usually, a single piece of luxury style furniture can transform an ordinary room into one that is lavish and elegant, and a side table with a touch of gold finishing is a perfect piece of furniture to achieve this. Snow Globe’s Madeline Side Table and Cleo Side Table are complete with shiny, gold finishing to help you reinforce an extravagant home design.

Cleo Side Table


Beauty and functionality come together when you purchase a side table with ample storage space. Coupled with the storage capacity that is often provided by the sideboard in the living room, the area can look more spacious and tidy. At the same time, you also get to make the most of the side table’s design possibilities for your home.

Kate Bedside Table

Overall, it is ideal that every chair in the living room is paired with a side table of its own, or a single side table is shared by two chairs that are placed side by side. Smaller homes in Singapore can benefit from having just one side table in the living room, arranged beside the largest chair in the space, often the sofa. The important thing is to understand the unique needs and design of your space, before finding a side table that is best suited for your home!

Snow Globe is a luxury style furniture store in Singapore that offers a selection of elegant side table designs, at reasonable prices. Browse our online catalogue to find the perfect side table for your home!