Side Tables

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If you are looking for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing side table and bedside table in Singapore, look no further than here. Snow Globe proudly presents its excellent selection of fine pieces of side tables and bedside tables for your living room and bedroom. Made from 100% quality materials, these furniture will be the focal point of the room. It’s designed to be functional while still being stylish and practical.

Side tables and bedside tables should complement the rest of your furniture and the colour palette of the room. These pieces from Snow Globe will accentuate the space, making the room more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Browse our selection of bedside tables and living room side tables that you can order online in Singapore for a hassle-free purchase.

The days of having bedroom sets that match are over! Your bedroom will be more enjoyable and interesting if you layer in and mix and match different furniture pieces like the bed frame and the bedside table. However, how precisely do you jumble up your bedroom furniture? What’s more, how can you match a new side table with an old bed frame? Here are some pointers and suggestions.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same kind of material or design. Even if you’re designing a balanced, symmetrical bedroom, the bedside table can nevertheless have a comparable design. It is not necessary to couple them exactly. Also, befriend varieties. combine round and rectangular shapes, metal bed frame and wooden side table, greens and yellows. Doing so will allow you to make mixing and matching easier. Plus, it will make your bedroom less boring!