Home bar set up and party with friends

4 Tips For Creating A Perfect Home Bar Setup

As a host, is there a better way to leave an indelible impression on your guests than with a private well-stocked home bar? Probably not. But even if you prefer to be by your lonesome, nothing beats winding down after a long work day with a nice glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage.

Hang on! Wouldn’t you need significant space for a dedicated home bar setup? And with space becoming a premium in modern properties in Singapore, do you have room for a home bar? Fortunately, the answer is a no to the former and a resounding yes to the latter question! Let us share several helpful tips to take note of as you go about building your drinkers’ paradise.

Tip #1: Consider how you will use your space

Snow Globe Bar Trolley for Home Set up

What is the purpose of your home bar? The answer to this question will likely determine your ideal home bar setup. A simple bar tray may suffice for those chilling alone. Conversely, those who frequently have guests around may want to consider a built-in home bar or getting a chic bar cart.

If you opt for the former, you should consider situating your home bar at the place where you entertain your guests the most. Consider getting a bar cabinet to store all your bar gear to help you stay organised and ensure the area looks presentable and more professional.

However, if space is limited, perhaps a bar cart is the way to go, as it takes up less room. Another advantage of bar carts is that you are not limited to a specific area in your home. You can cart this furniture wherever you want to hang out with your guests. It is also welcoming enough for guests to feel comfortable walking up and pouring their own drinks.

Tip #2: Turn wasted space into functional space

Luxury Singapore Bar set up with furnitures and cabinet

Are you running out of room to store your bar equipment? In that case, why not transform your recessed wall niche into a home bar? Complete with individual storage pockets for your alcoholic beverages and wine glasses. You can place a couple of bar chairs and a table nearby to establish a cosy bar setup to entertain your guests.

Tip #3: Share space with your kitchen setup

Kitchen set up with mounted wine rack by Snow Globe Singapore

Create a more inclusive kitchen space that doubles as your home bar and a place for gathering! Utilise the vertical space in your kitchen by installing shelves to wall brackets to show off your alcohol collection, instantly transforming the space into an ideal home bar setup.

Alternatively, you can consider a ceiling-mounted wine rack with wine glass slots at the bottom to display your glassware. However, if you would much rather keep your bar gear hidden away so that the kitchen counter looks neat and presentable, opt for bar cabinets instead.

Tip #4: Assemble your glassware and spirits

Pouring wine over wine glassware by Snow Globe Singapore

Many drinking enthusiasts agree that what you drink out of is just as crucial as what you drink! Must-have glasswares include the rock glass for whiskeys, the highball glass, for mojitos and highballs, and a couple of shot glasses for beverages like tequila. Remember to chill your glassware in the freezer before your party to ensure they are nice and frosty before serving the drinks.

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, avoid buying numerous bottles for the sake of having a variety of spirits. Instead, consider your favourite cocktails and the common ingredients they share. This tip can help you make an informed decision regarding your purchases. With that said, every home bar should contain a decent selection of base spirits like bourbon, gin, vodka, blended whisky, and single malt scotch. Also, do not forget your mixers, such as ginger ale, soda, fruit juices, and tonic.

Wow! That definitely sounds like you have tons of shopping to do, which means you are going to require plenty of storage space to stock up your home bar setup. Therefore, we will recommend installing bar cabinets to keep everything neat and organised within your home.

Creating the perfect home bar setup with limited space is not a fantasy. With proper planning and suitable storage furniture, you can turn your dream into a reality! We advise keeping these luxury furniture shopping tips in mind before purchasing your home bar decorations.

Once you have done your research, you can head down to our showroom at Midview City to check out our selection of luxury furniture. Our friendly staff will be delighted to assist you in selecting the ideal bar cabinets and bar chairs to furnish your home bar setup! Alternatively, you can visit our website today to view our comprehensive catalogue.