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Luxury Homes: 4 Things To Take Note Of When Choosing Furniture

Thinking of sprucing up your current home or moving into a new house soon and want to achieve that luxe aesthetic without breaking the bank? Well, that is totally attainable even if you are on a budget because there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to get big results. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make your abode instantly look and feel more luxurious through the use of furniture instead of spending a fortune on renovations. 

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1. Mix textures

Interior designers like using different textures to add interest to a space as well as amp up on the physical comfort. Mixing these textures together help to keep a space from looking too one dimensional and this can be easily done by including a rug, woven basket, knitted throw and more. 

For instance, to make your fabric sofa look more welcoming and warm, try adding cushions or blankets in silk or velvet. 

2. Choose furniture with gold accents

You do not have to always invest in luxury furniture to recreate that expensive vibe that you see in homes featured in magazines. Simply choose furniture with gold accents to add pizzazz to any plain-looking room in your house. 

home furniture singapore marble side table

Our Bethanie Taupe Buffet Sideboard and Grace Marble Side Table will make perfect additions to your living room – the brushed gold stainless steel paired with marble tabletops go so well together. 

3. Go for neutral shades

Do a quick search online for “luxury home” and you will see that most pictures popping up feature bright and airy-looking spaces. In fact, an article by Insider revealed that interior designers’ tips on ways to make a home look more expensive include using their go-to neutral shades like taupe and greige. 

Hence, consider following suit and selecting home furniture in these neutral shades that are easy on the eye yet sophisticated enough to pass off as luxurious. 

Some other neutral shades you can add to your list include ivory, nude, tan, and grey. 

4. Choose uniquely-shaped furniture

Conventional home furniture typically come in rectangular or squarish shapes but uniquely-shaped ones such as those with curved edges have been gaining popularity. The trend first started in the 1970s and we certainly foresee it staying for years to come as compared to straight and static lines, curved edges are more fun and playful. 

While it may be more challenging to find the right corner to place furniture with curved edges in, you can always change things up by pushing it away from the walls. The graceful curves also help to soften any hard edges, making a room look less stifling immediately.

home furniture singapore curved sofa

Check out our Jemima Curved Sofa, Heather White TV Console, Valerie Curve Chair and more for inspiration. 

Keep these tips in mind the next time you shop for home furniture in Singapore to make the process easier. 

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