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4 Reasons Why Having A Side Table In The Bedroom Will Elevate Your Life

Just like how a proper bed frame and mattress are indispensable in any bedroom, a side table is equally necessary. This small item usually placed in a corner of the room is not just for decorative purposes, but also has many other benefits that will help to elevate your life.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why you need a side table in your bedroom.

So versatile you can move it anywhere

Although we mentioned leaving the side table in your bedroom, the truth is it is so versatile you can move it anywhere! Move it to your living room and place it beside the couch so that it functions as a safe and even surface for your cup of coffee or book. Or move it from your bedside to the nook beside your desk so you can use it to hide any files and knick-knacks that you have laying around. Having a side table is basically having a small piece of furniture you can easily mix and match into any room in your home.

Cody Bedside Table

The Cody Bedside Table is perfect for small spaces with its sleek design which only measures 35cm wide, making it great for moving around and fitting into any nook and cranny.

Gives you extra storage space

You can never have enough storage space, especially when HDBs and BTOs in Singapore are getting smaller. It is always good to have that extra space so there is no need for you to leave clutter out or break the bank to customise built-in cupboards and cabinets.

Bruno Bedside Table

Our Bruno Bedside Table comes in a beautiful Scandinavian design in light oak wood which can be easily matched with any bedroom decor. Most importantly, it has two deep drawers for you to store anything you would like.

Keeps things easily accessible

lamp on a side table

Most of us would have experienced the frustration of settling into bed comfortably only to realise our hand cream, favourite book or any of our other bedtime essentials were left somewhere else. Well, having a side table near your bed saves you the hassle of getting up to grab any of those necessities. You can simply leave them on the top of the table or in the drawers and easily reach for them while still laying in bed!

Consider getting the Oragami Bedside Table as you can place items on top of it while its shallow drawer makes it effortless to grab something.

Spruces up your bedroom decor

Apart from being functional, incorporating a side table is also one of the best ways to spruce up your bedroom. There are many styles, designs and colours to choose from – acting as an accent piece to enhance any bedroom’s appearance.

Cleo side table

If you are looking for one to instantly make your bedroom look luxurious, the Cleo Side Table, shaped like an hourglass with gold details is the one to get.

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