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4 Best Colour Palettes For A Minimalist Home

Minimalist interiors are aimed at imparting a neat and soothing look to the home, using a neutral colour palette and multifunctional furniture. Usually cosy and livable, spaces are layered with woven textures and comfy home furniture, with the house designed to be understated and classy. This trend is also considered to be a good option especially for smaller houses in Singapore. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite colour palettes that will perfectly showcase the pared-down look to help inspire your own design. Read on to learn more!

Muted earthy tones

modern cozy home furnitures

Muted earthy tones such as hues of brown are now gaining in popularity, creating a cosier look that works well for a minimalist home. This colour palette offers an ideal backdrop for home furniture and exudes warmth. People want their homes to feel safe and restorative, and earthy tones can help achieve that ambience. Try pairing earthy toned walls as a mellow accompaniment to a wooden coffee table in the living room to elevate snugness and homeliness.

Cream with a pop of green

For the minimalist who wants a low-key colour palette accented by finishes and furnishings, try a pairing of cream with pops of green in the form of having plants indoors. Bringing the outdoors in and creating harmony with nature has the ability to ground you in your senses, and make your living space more meaningful and purposeful. Designers also often use indoor plants as living art to add on to the finishing touches. Choose appropriately sized planters that feature a clean, simple design; the result is a space that’s calming, purifying and restful.

White colour palette

White is bright, clean, and timeless. Painting your walls with a coat of white paint comes with plenty of benefits. A white room reflects natural light from the windows which creates the illusion of space, and works as a backdrop for a plethora of decorating possibilities. Additionally, it helps to also create a balanced, ethereal setting that is restful on the eyes. Matching this with light wood finishings or home furniture such as a side table, injects a warm and tactile appeal into the dreamy abode. 


elegant sofa with coffee table

Popular amongst homeowners are bare concrete walls, floors or ceilings. The unpolished and cool grey concrete aligns with the minimalist design principles of a neutral colour palette, with a simple theme. The cool grey lends an enigmatic air for an effortless style. Accompanying this design with wood finishes or a white wall helps to accentuate warmth to an otherwise possibly cold interior.

To add on to the finishing touches of a minimalist home, you may also consider an area rug, bare wood beams, or pottery to emphasise and contribute to the earthy and rustic vibe of your minimalist home. Also keep in mind that when choosing home furniture such as vanity tables, side tables and console tables, it’s best to take into consideration the colour palette that will complement the furniture chosen. 

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