3 Tips To Transform Your Dining Room For Entertaining

3 Tips To Transform Your Dining Room For Entertaining

No home is complete without a dining room. It is the one dedicated place where your entire family or group of friends sit down together to spend quality time over a scrumptious meal. Sitting together around the dining table with your loved ones means so much more than just eating together as it creates an intimate environment filled with warmth and happiness.

Gone are the days of stuffy, formal dining rooms that only saw occasional use. With all the innovative ways a space can be spruced up and used nowadays, designing a dining room to be your prime gathering space for loved ones is a must! Here are some ways you can transform your dining room into a welcoming area to entertain your guests.

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1. Go For Inviting Colours

Your dining room does not have to mirror one from the Victorian era – an old, stuffy space painted in dark, drab hues. Instead of the dark and solemn tones that are a common backdrop for an intimate setting in the evening, why not introduce a bit more colour and fun into your dining room and kitchen (if it is connected)?

Although the usage of strong colours might not be for the faint-hearted, it is a great way to create a dramatic dining experience that will surely amaze and impress your guests. Be daring with colours and prints on both the walls and floors or you can take the more subtle approach and go with a bright rug or a carpet under the table to define the dining zone. You can also hang up graphic prints or paintings to create focal points around the room.

2. Get Creative With Your Storage

Dining rooms are usually the area with the most cluttered forms of storage. From antique cabinets that do not complement the dining area to bulky wine racks that collect dust, these storages take up visual and physical space within the room. To decrease the amount of clutter, consider investing in quality kitchen and bar cabinets that can hold everything you might need.

If you want to display the beautiful, vintage china that was passed down from generation to generation in your family, you can install open shelving that would be able to do the job perfectly without cluttering up precious space. You can also install hanging displays right underneath the cabinets for the wine bottles that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the options you pick out for your storage reflect the overall design you want your living room to portray.

3. Make A Statement With Your Dining Table

Whether you are getting a table for family gatherings or for guest entertaining, choosing a dining table that would suit your wants and needs is a lifelong decision. To take it to the next level, consider purchasing a statement dining table design to serve as the focal point of your space.

Do take note of the number of people you regularly have over and your room’s shape and size. This helps to ensure that your table and dining chairs fit comfortably while still being able to accommodate everyone. If you want a smaller table that still provides ample space, try going for an expandable table. Love the feel of an 8 to 12-person party? A round table would be able to facilitate conversation between everyone around the table.

No matter who you invite and what meal you share with your loved ones, your dining room should be an area where people can come together to connect and feel at home. With these tips, you can become your neighbourhood’s best host! Looking for some home furniture in Singapore? At Snow Globe, we have just the right pieces like dining chairs and tables, accent chairs, and more to enhance your dining room experience. Contact us today to know more!