5 important basics for arranging your dining room furniture

For many, the dining room is the perfect place for friendly interaction. This is where you like to greet your friends, enjoy family meals, and make memories. So, it is important for the room to project an energy that is compatible with you. Although there is a lot to consider when it comes to arranging your furniture such as how many people will eat at your dining table? Will your dining room serve multiple purposes? Where should everything go?

If you are yet to get your dining chairs and table in Singapore, this article will guide you and if even if you have already purchased furniture online, this can still help you get the most out of what you have. Here are a few tips on arranging your dining room furniture.

1. Assess your dining room space

Before launching into any major interior design project, make sure you have the means for achieving your ambitions. If you do not have enough space to begin with, even the most beautifully designed dining room project is a waste of time.

To avoid wasting your time, you must first equip yourself with a measuring tape, a notebook, and a pencil. Then you measure, record, make drawings, etc., making sure you accurately calculate to scale and clearly indicate: amount of space available, windows, furnishings, fixtures, etc. This will allow you to get to know your dining room in its finest details, which will help generate interesting and feasible ideas.

2. Do not cram your space

Sometimes there are so many possibilities that it becomes difficult to choose which ones to execute. We lose our sense of orientation and cannot finalise our choice of furniture, style, or even colour. This problem should be avoided because it leads to overload! Don’t forget that dining room furniture such as dining chairs, and tables in Singapore are frequently moved.

This is why it is necessary to have sufficient room for people to circulate freely. Leaving a space of about twenty inches all around the table will achieve this goal. Simply put: the key to a successful dining room arrangement is to make sure that people can move to and from the table freely.

3. Use your chandelier as the central point

Regardless of the type of lighting you have in your dining room, you should be aware of its function as a guide in the arrangement and organisation of your furniture. In fact, the main dining room lighting is often considered to be a major point of reference and a focal point. It allows you to observe a certain balance in the arrangement of your furniture. For example, it is recommended to place your table furniture in Singapore under the lighting (often a chandelier) and to try and centre it as much as possible, which makes it accessible to your guests and creates a sense of continuity in the organisation of the room.

4. Vary the location of accessories

Do not make the mistake of believing that your dining room arrangement is set in stone. In fact, even if the room’s architecture limits you on certain levels, it is always possible to give it a new look by changing the location of accessories. For example, you could rotate the photographs and frames on the wall; or you could move your plants and decorative accessories around. Sometimes, a little change goes a long way in giving the place a whole new look!

5. Optimise your space as best you can

Some areas of your dining room often remain unexploited. That is too bad, because this space could allow you to accommodate more people in the room. For example, installing a bench under a window will give you additional volume. You have more space than you think. The trick is to realise it and use it efficiently.

Visualise, maximise, and optimise

Arranging your dining room furniture is no different when you are arranging your living room. You need to have a central point to highlight where you would be surrounding your furniture and creating an efficient traffic area. Most importantly, do not forget the function of the room itself, it is a place of gathering and meals, focus on that, avoid getting furniture that do not fit in a dining room and you would do just fine.

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