The Best Areas To Place A Sideboard In Your Home

The Best Areas To Place A Sideboard In Your Home

A sideboard is a long and low piece of furniture traditionally placed in the dining room to display dishes or store dinnerware. However, as time went by, the sideboard became something for multiple uses, all thanks to its versatility.

If you are thinking of getting a sideboard in Singapore to spruce up your home, here are some best areas to place it in that will surely wow your guests.

1. Entryway

 Make an impression right from the entrance of your home with a stunning sideboard cabinet to spruce up any plain entryway. Other than being a piece of accent furniture, it is also functional as a storage space for keys and shoes – both of which are items you will need when you leave the house – talk about convenience!

Heather White 4-Door Sideboard Cabinet

We recommend the Heather White 4-Door Sideboard with a stylish curved body, trendy fluted panels and gold metal accent to captivate anyone who steps into your house. It also stands at just 40cm wide, allowing it to be fit into any entryway easily without taking up too much space.

2. Behind the couch

Long gone are the days when people used to place the couch up against a wall. Although it does give the illusion of a bigger living space, it can also look quite dull. So if you wish to push your couch away from the wall, use a sideboard to fill up the awkward empty room behind the couch. Then include some decorations such as books, flowers or ornaments to primp it.

Maia 4-Door Sideboard Cabinet

Our Maia 4-Door Sideboard is a great option as it is long enough to sit comfortably behind a couch. Its floral imprint adds vintage flair, making it a charming piece of furniture to have.

3. TV area

Sideboards are also typically used as a television console so it takes away the need for a built-in one. It is one of the best ways to incorporate a sideboard into your home, as it has the right amount of surface area for televisions of various sizes. The cabinets are also perfect for stashing away gadgets such as gaming consoles for an uncluttered appearance.

Gatsby Sideboard Cabinet For TV area

The Green Gatsby Sideboard ticks all the boxes for a TV console while its geometric design adds a bit of an edge to any home decor.

4. Hallway

If your home comes with a long hallway leading to the bedrooms, chances are you would not be too sure how you can add pizzazz to that space. Well, it is pretty simple – leave a sideboard at the end of the hallway to use it as a space for decorations. Tip: place a mirror on the wall behind the sideboard or ornaments on the tabletop.

Fleurette Sideboard Cabinet

You may want to choose something more eye-catching, such as our Fluerette Sideboard, since its purpose is to bring attention away from the long hallway and any accompanying simpleness.

5. Bedroom

Who would have thought that something which used to belong in the dining room can now be included not just in the living room, but also in the bedroom? It can be used to store books, bags and any other knick-knacks to keep clutter away. Place some decorations on the sideboard’s tabletop to add some personality to your room as well.

Elliot Rattan Sideboard Cabinet

Rattan is extremely popular right now, so you may want to consider our Elliot Rattan Sideboard which is a mix of both old and new for a breath of fresh air.

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