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Modern Interior Design Themes To Inspire Your Luxury Home

September 9, 2021

Modern luxe interiors require simple and quality material choices, as well as polished yet subtle details for a truly stunning finish. It is best to steer clear of anything too flashy.  Whether you are brainstorming interior design ideas for your new home or remodelling your existing home, it is important to choose the right luxury furniture that will complement your home’s interior design style.

Despite the fluctuating trends in interior design, these three styles remain timeless: Scandinavian, Eclectic, Industrial. Read on as we take a look at some of the luxury furniture pieces we think would blend well with each of these styles.

1. Scandinavian


It is hard not to love the Scandinavian look as it is all about keeping things simple and focusing on quality. This style is becoming increasingly popular as it appeals to both our tidy inclinations and our desire to live in an inviting, homey space. A Scandinavian interior design blends muted colours and textures for a sleek, modern look that feels warm and welcoming. Typically, it features simple furnishings that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cosy. In Scandinavian interiors, colours are usually used in small bursts or bright shades.

When choosing furniture, you may want to keep the shapes simple and clean and opt for muted shades. We recommend using wood tones and sepia shades as they will make your home’s interior feel brighter without using harsh, vivid colours. Add a touch of dark wooden shades and accessorise your living area with our Mito Tray to display your decorative items.

Shop the Scandinavian look:

Scandinavian Chair

Scandinavian Drawer

2. Eclectic


An eclectic interior design fuses elements of contrasting styles into a single space. Unlike the clean Scandi look, furniture and decor are mixed in an informal manner, and a variety of styles are incorporated into it. Eclectic decor often combines bold colours and patterns as well as an unexpected mix of design elements. That being said, eclectic interior design is not simply about putting random stuff into one room and calling it a day. Think about how the luxury pieces of furniture relate to one another.

Choosing an eclectic interior design for your home gives you the chance to have some fun, express your personality, and break the rules! As you decorate, remember to maintain a sense of balance, as the best eclectic interiors are a cohesive fusion of old and new colours, textures, and patterns. One of the keys to an eclectic interior is the texture –  don’t be afraid to add lots of it when choosing furniture. An eclectic-themed interior can be enhanced with our range of luxury furniture, like this odd-shaped coffee table. Colourful pieces like this add fun to any home interior!

Shop the Eclectic look:

Eclectic Chair

Eclectic Table

Eclectic Sofa

3. Industrial


An industrial interior is a no-frills style of home decor that takes its cues from warehouses, factories, and similar industrial structures. A key characteristic of an industrial theme is the use of bare bricks, metals, and wood, which are coupled with salvaged and recycled materials. For industrial style decor, stick to a neutral palette consisting of grey, black, and white. Interiors with industrial themes tend to have squared lines and blocky shapes as the main features. However, this does not mean you have to ditch organic curves and abstract shapes completely, but try to keep them to a minimum to keep the industrial feel. Make sure to keep surfaces clutter-free as well by limiting the use of accessories! For industrial-themed homes, we recommend going with furniture made from materials such as wood, aluminium, steel, tin, stone and copper. For those who are still working remotely from home, a stylish dark wooden desk like this one will look great in your home office!

What makes creating an industrial-themed interior so enjoyable is the ability to use furniture and decor that is unique to your home. Our product range may not contain everything you’re looking for, so feel free to contact us with your preferences. We can help curate luxury furniture pieces that are tailored specifically to your tastes.

Shop the Industrial look:

Industrial Drawer

Industrial Office Chair

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Luxury Home

While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to interior design, these tips may help! Selecting the right furniture that matches the style of your home will go a long way.

Snow Globe is a luxury furniture store in Singapore that carries a variety of furnishings. Regardless of the interior design style you go with, you’ll find furniture that complements the theme of your home. If you’re looking for quality furniture, contact us today!

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