How to Add A Splash Of Color To Your Neutral Living Room

While many different design ideas incorporating bold patterns and colours exist, a neutral based living room is still a crowd favourite. Neutrals invoke a calming and restful atmosphere, however, it can also make a room fall flat at times. The good news? Neutrals are the perfect starting point to build on and with a pop of colour, you add life and personality to your overall space.

The best part about having a neutral living room is that it can be styled in so many different ways with different home furniture in Singapore. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of minimalism or bright, bold colours in key places, there are numerous ways you can make it work! Here are some great ways you can include elements of colours into your neutral living space.

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1. Incorporate Accent Chairs and Pillows

If you are thinking of changing things up but don’t want to commit to anything major, you can consider small accents like accent chairs or pillows to give your room a colour makeover. An accent chair in a bold colour can be both functional and decorative. It serves as a comfortable piece that also brings a stylish edge to your living room.

Toss pillows are also perfect for adding different hues to your space. Choose solids for floral furnishings, patterned pillows for solid pieces or mix and match patterns to portray your fun and quirky personality!

2. Consider Dramatic Art Or Wall Decor

Do not underestimate the creativity and colour you can add to your living room by decorating your wall space. A dramatic art or an interesting gallery wall brings character and colour to a room. It can be the focal point of your living space that brings the whole room together. You can also spray paint the different art frames in a similar hue to give your wall a harmoniously, put together look.

3. Use Statement-Making Paint Colour In A Neutral Living Room

Add a splash of colour by accenting just one wall in your living room with a coat of paint. Look for a niche to add extra colour or a larger wall that will get noticed immediately. You can either pick a bold, contrasting colour from your sofa in your living room or a subtle accent in the same colour family, but a tone darker than the rest of your walls.

Although paint is an easy way to revitalise a room, choosing a colour can get complicated. So, before you decide on a tone, here are some questions you can ask yourself about how you want your space to feel.

  • How much light does the space get?
  • How often do you use the room and what time of day are you usually in the room?
  • What energy do you want the room to portray?

4. Add A Bold Rug To Ground The Room

Commiting to a bright carpet can be both daunting and expensive. A cheaper alternative that adds a little more style and flare to your space is a smartly coloured or patterned accent rug. They’re easy to incorporate, move or clean and can be added to any space in your room, from the kitchen to the entryway and even the little reading nook.

A geometric pattern, a traditional motif or a plain coloured rug can make a huge difference between a dull, neutral living room and a warm, cosy space that has a hint of style to it. By placing a rug beneath your armchairs and sofa set, a harmonious balance is created in the room. The rug serves as an understated pop of colour, adding warmth and depth without overwhelming the space.

If you want to add colour to your living space, these 4 tips are definitely one to incorporate! You’ll have your home looking much more homey, vibrant and expressive without spending too much on interior design. Looking for the best home furniture in Singapore? At Snow Globe, we have just the pieces you need for your living room like armchairs and more! Contact us today to know more.

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