Side Table Home Decor

Accessories You Can Use To Spruce Up Your Side Tables

Side tables have long been overlooked in home décor, but they still play an important role in modern homes today. They’re one of the most sought-after items individuals purchase when setting up their home for the first time, apart from the sofa. Considering how small this piece of furniture is, it’s no wonder people underestimate the importance of styling a side table.

A side table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that offers multiple functions – a place to put down a drink, store items, and sometimes even serve as a seat. While your side table isn’t the focal point of your home, you should still style it to reflect your personality in order to create a well-balanced space. Here are five tips on styling your side table:

1. Statement lamp

Cleopatra Lamp

Side tables are an excellent place to display other design elements. Introduce accent lighting by placing a statement lamp that can add fresh colours and an interesting shape to your home décor. Add a framed artwork to accompany your statement lamp to give your side table more character. It’s perfectly fine to let a lamp cover a portion of the artwork as layering your decoration pieces adds depth to your home décor.

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2. Photo frames

Side Table with photo frames

Make your living area feel cosier by gracing your side table with photo frames filled with family photos. Including a small photo frame exudes a warm feeling and adds a bit of charm to your side table. Feel free to layer your photo frames with small pieces of eye-catching artwork to give it a more personal touch.

However, be sure to style with caution by ensuring that you’re not cluttering your side table with a million photos. When it comes to styling your side table with photo frames, think ‘less is more’. The fewer the images, the more you can draw focus to each picture. For this reason, use one or two frames of various sizes to allow for a sense of contrast on your side table, and make sure your chosen frames complement the style of your table.

3. Faux flowers

Side table with bunch of flowers

As one of the most used areas in your home, your living room should be comfortable and inviting. Another styling tip would be to create ambience on your side table with a colourful bunch of flowers. Using faux flowers works just as well if you don’t really have the time to manage and care for fresh-cut florals. Whatever you choose, your floral arrangement should not be bigger than the side table itself. Adding faux flowers means considering the vase design too, and this should also match your side table aesthetic.

4. Decorative books

Side table with books

Decorative books are a surefire way to spruce up your living area. Whether it’s placed on a side table or a sideboard, the beautiful covers and graphic bindings help to give your space a pop of colour and create levels for your display. To decorate your tables with books, begin with your biggest book at the bottom, and then pile on two to four more on top of it.

Here’s a styling pro-tip: Odd numbers are preferred when grouping decorative pieces as people tend to find odd numbers more visually appealing.

5. Temporary bar

Sideboard as temporary bar

A side table can also serve as a temporary bar. With careful styling, you can easily create a makeshift bar at home and beautify the space with matching glassware and bar accessories. If you want your home bar to be a little bigger, consider getting a sideboard as an alternative. Sideboards are becoming an increasingly popular choice of furniture as it provides more room for storage. Browse our wide selection of sideboards here to find a beautiful addition to your home.

Styling Your Side Table

There is no denying that side tables can have quite a huge impact on your home décor, even if they are one of the smallest pieces of furniture in your home. Because of its size, side tables end up becoming an afterthought for most people as they find it tough to find ways to style them.

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