A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Furniture For Your Home

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Furniture For Your Home


Your interior designer is done with the renovation of your BTO flat, and you are finally ready to move into your new home! This is undoubtedly an exciting time for your family. But first, you need to figure out your ideal home furniture to decorate your living space.

However, if you are having a challenging time deciding which furniture to invest in, know that you are not alone in this struggle. In fact, it is not surprising to find many new homeowners in Singapore facing this problem, especially given the limited space available to create their dream home.

But you should not let this deter you from turning your dream home into a reality! By investing in suitable home furniture pieces, you can infuse your living space with your personal sense of style while keeping the place comfortable and homey. Just remember to keep these three elements in mind when going about your furniture shopping.

Important elements to keep in mind when shopping home furniture in Singapore

1. Function

Naturally, functionality is the most crucial factor to consider regarding home furniture. Always remember to ask yourself the intentions you have for a particular space. Having a purpose in mind allows you to decide on the necessary furnishings. For example, if you frequently have guests over for a get-together, you will want additional seating available. In that case, you can consider getting an L-shaped sofa or adding accent chairs to accommodate more people.

2. Style

The furniture you choose to decorate your living space represents your individual style. Some prefer a minimalist approach, while others gravitate toward a Scandinavian design. Feel free to express your style, but always consider furniture that complements your home interior design.

3. Size and placement

Part of purchasing the ideal home furniture for your living space includes careful consideration of its size and placement. These elements can dictate the perception of the room. For example, placing a large sofa in the middle of a small living room makes the space appear smaller. Conversely, pushing the couch against the walls maximises the space and makes your living room appear bigger.


Why is choosing the right home furniture such a daunting task? This thought has probably crossed the minds of many homeowners in Singapore. Even with these three elements in mind, it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed by the numerous options available on the market.

However, fret not! Regardless of your situation or the available space that you are working with, it is possible to buy your ideal furniture while adhering to your style and budget. Allow us to help simplify the decision-making process. Let us do so by looking at the main living areas in a home – the living room, dining area, and bedroom – and the essential furniture you require in each space.

2.1. Decorating the living room

Decorating the living room home furniture in Singapore

The living room is the heart of your home! The place where you entertain your guests or relax on your sofa after a long day of work. It is also the biggest space in your house, so you will require plenty of home furniture to decorate the area. Your choice of furniture is essential in creating visual appeal and a relaxing vibe for all who use it.

So how do you go about decorating the place? Well, you should begin by planning out the area. This will help you to utilise the available space effectively while avoiding clutter. Your planning process should include identifying the focal point of the room, as it impacts the arrangement of every piece of furniture in this space.

Subsequently, you can measure your space accurately to determine the size of your furniture. If your living room is compact, you should avoid furniture that is too large. Instead, opt for smaller pieces of furniture to maintain a spacious living space.

2.1.1. Choosing a sofa

A sofa is a key element in any home setting. While it is tempting to splurge on luxury furniture to spruce up your living room, we recommend going with functionality and comfort over aesthetics when choosing a sofa. You will be spending a lot of time in the living room, so you should feel comfortable whenever you are lounging in this space.

Your decision will also likely be impacted by the capacity of your living room. If space is limited, you can consider a 2-seater sofa or an L-shaped sofa that can fit into the corners of the room. A corner sofa also helps create a zone between the seating area of the open-plan living space. If you require additional seats, you can consider getting a separate armchair or accent chair.

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of identifying a focal point for the living room. And your decision will impact your sofa arrangement. If your family primarily uses the living room to watch TV, you can place a pair of sofas at a right angle to one another. This way, you can maintain a sociable arrangement while ensuring everyone has a good view of the TV.

Conversely, if you are someone who frequently has guests over, your coffee table can be the focal point of the living room. You can place your sofas to face each other to create an ideal setting for entertaining visitors. The coffee table can be situated in the middle of the sofas so that everyone can reach the refreshments easily.

Lastly, you should not overlook the upholstery of your sofa, which is dependent on your needs and lifestyle. If you want something that is easy to maintain and durable, you can consider leather sofas, as they are made from cowhide, which features abrasion resistance properties.

However, if you prefer something softer to the touch, fabric sofas may be more suitable. In particular, linen and cotton upholsteries are ideal for Singapore’s hot, humid weather. But do note that they have low stain resistance, so they are not recommended for families with pets or children.

2.1.2. Choosing a coffee table

Coffee tables come in various designs and styles. Regardless of your needs or preferences, you are sure to find one that strikes your fancy. Do consider the interior design of your living room and ponder how your coffee table can complement your style. For example, a glass coffee table matches a minimalist approach to interior design while drawing attention to the sofa.

Speaking of sofas, we recommend purchasing your sofa and armchair beforehand, as these pieces of furniture can impact the shape of your coffee table. Go with a square-shaped or round coffee table if you have an L-shaped sofa. But if you opted for a standard horizontal sofa, we suggest getting an oval or rectangular coffee table instead.

Knowing the dimensions of your sofa will also allow you to determine the size of your coffee table. After all, you will want it to be proportionate to the height of the sofa seat for a comfortable living room set-up. Too tall and the table becomes an eyesore blocking the view of the TV. Conversely, you will have to stretch to reach the table if it is too low.

Additionally, your coffee table should not be longer than your sofa, as this can cause your living room to appear compact. Ideally, it should be about two-thirds the size of your sofa, or smaller, to keep the proportions balanced and to free up extra space for you and your guests to move around.

2.1.3. Choosing a console table

A console table is not merely a platform for your TV set. It also helps conceal the wires of your entertainment set-ups, allowing you to keep the area sleek and clean. But that is not the only use for this furniture. As a piece of accent furniture, you can place various objects to accentuate your living space. Whether it is a vase of flowers or picture frames of your family, these little touches can make your home feel more inviting.

So how can you select your ideal console table? First, you need to know where this furniture will go. Once a decision is made, you can proceed to take measurements to gauge how much space you have available.

Most families opt to utilise their console tables as a focal point, situating them against the back of a wall and placing a TV on top. If this appeals to you, you should buy a console table in a different material or style from the rest of your furniture so that it is visually interesting. For example, those seeking a classy look can consider a marble console table for a more luxurious vibe.

However, this is not the only way to utilise a console table. This furniture can also be placed against the back of a couch. Hence, its other name: sofa table. For those considering this approach, you need to measure the height of your sofa beforehand. Your table should be the same height or slightly lower than the back of your couch.

Hallway console tables are another popular choice for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. You can consider purchasing one with plenty of storage compartments to increase the functionality of your living space. Having drawers, open shelving, and cabinets allow your family and guests to place their knick-knacks whilst at your home.

For the latter two options, we recommend selecting a console table that matches the style of your existing furnishings. Since they are not meant to be a focal point, the design should complement rather than stand out from the crowd. You will also need to consider the colour of the furniture. If your living space is compact, you should opt for lighter colours to make the area seem bigger.

2.2. Decorating the dining area

Decorating the dining area home furniture in Singapore

Whether your dining area is part of an open-plan zone or a stand-alone room, it should strike a balance between style and functionality. And the furnishings you choose and their placement play a significant role in achieving this goal. You should begin your decoration by deciding on your dining table, as its placement and design will affect the rest of your purchase.

2.2.1. Choosing a dining table

Your ideal dining table should suit your budget and needs, have a style that you prefer, be solidly constructed, and fit seamlessly into your living space. While that sounds like a lot of boxes to tick, you can simplify your search process by keeping several factors in mind.

Factor #1: Size

Your dining table must fit your dining area – that is the number one rule! However, this piece of home furniture occupies a significant room, so you must account for the space around it. After all, you will want sufficient room for your family members and guests to sit and move around comfortably.

Factor #2: Shape

The shape of your dining table should match your needs. If you have limited space in your dining area, round or oval tables are more suitable, as they give you more room to navigate since the corners are cut off. They are also ideal for parties and conversations because there is no designated seat for the head of the table.

A downside of round and oval tables is that you run out of space for serving pieces once you set down all your place settings. Conversely, this is not a concern for square or rectangular dining tables. So if you have the room for them, you can consider the latter option, especially if you have a big family.

Factor #3: Leg supports

The size of the dining table is not the only element that determines how many people you can fit at the table. If you regularly have visitors over for a meal, you may want to select a dining table with thinner legs or leg supports at the table’s edges. This makes it easier to squeeze an additional seat or two in.

Factor #4: Material

Choosing the ideal material for your dining table may sound daunting, especially when you must balance your budget with your personal style and the material’s ease of care. However, by analysing the common materials, you may find it much easier to decide. Here are the most common materials used in the construction of dining tables, and what to consider for each:

  • Wood – You can’t go wrong with a classic material like solid wood or hardwood. These materials are easy to maintain, sturdy, and durable.
  • Stone/Marble – While stone tabletops like marble are durable, they tend to absorb stains easily and are porous.
  • Glass – Glass dining tables are relatively inexpensive and ideal for smaller dining areas, as they create the illusion of openness. But they are more susceptible to scratches, chips, and cracks due to the fragile nature of glass.
  • Plastic – While plastic tables may not be as sturdy as stone or wood dining tables, they are a more affordable option for those seeking a dining table that requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to stains.

2.2.2. Choosing a dining chair

Once you have your dining table sorted out, you will find it simpler to identify your dining chair. Similar to choosing a coffee table to complement your sofa, your dining chair should be proportionate to your dining table. A chair that is too low makes it uncomfortable for your family to dine on. In contrast, if the chair is too tall, you will find yourself slouching during mealtimes.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your dining chair matches the overall design of the dining table. Dining chairs with armrests and benches are suitable for longer, rectangular tables, while chairs without armrests are ideal for smaller, round tables.

2.2.3. Choosing a sideboard

Sideboards are an essential part of any dining area or kitchen. They offer both form and function, allowing users to place decorations like vases or sculptures on their surface, while the drawers house various cutlery, dishes, and other supplies you need for the dining table.

So how can you select suitable sideboard cabinets for your dining area? First, you should take an accurate measurement of the other furniture to ensure that the sideboard is proportionate to the rest of the dining furniture. Don’t forget to assess the space around the dining area as well to make sure that there is sufficient room to navigate the place.

While sideboards don’t usually take up much space since they are typically situated against the wall, you will still want ample room to walk around this piece of furniture. An accurate way to test this out is to open all the drawers and check if there is enough space between your sideboard and dining table. If there is insufficient room, you may have to shift the placement of your dining table or sideboard.

2.3. Decorating the bedroom

Decorating the bedroom home furniture in Singapore

The bedroom is your sanctuary – a place to recharge after a long, tiring day at work. Naturally, a comfortable bed is a must-have. However, don’t neglect the vital roles your storage options, like a wardrobe, play in getting a good night’s sleep. After all, a messy room can worsen your sleep. So as you begin decorating your bedroom, let us start by selecting the ideal wardrobe.

2.3.1. Choosing a wardrobe

Finding the right balance between functionality and style for your wardrobe can be challenging, especially when decorating a compact bedroom. You do not want it to be too big, as it will overshadow the rest of the home furniture in the room. But you also must ensure that it has sufficient storage space.

So take out your measuring tape to check the height of the ceiling and the length of the floor space available before purchasing your wardrobe. Make sure there is adequate room between your wardrobe and the rest of the furniture for easy movement. We recommend opting for sliding door wardrobes, as it helps save on space.

As for the design of the wardrobe, it depends on your clothing collection. If you own several dresses and formal wear, you may want to install a clothing rod to hang the clothes to prevent them from creasing. Regarding the height of the clothing rod, it should be approximately 45 inches from the ground to hang your skirts, pants, and blouses. For your children’s wardrobe, a height of around 30 inches is sufficient.

Conversely, for those whose wardrobe is dominated by casual clothes and accessories, you should consider one with multiple drawers. This way, you can organise your accessories and clothing neatly into each drawer to make it easy to locate the item you need. You can opt for deeper shelves since they offer more storage space. However, it should not be so deep (not more than 15 inches) that it makes your apparel inaccessible.

While functionality is essential, you should not neglect the style of your wardrobe. Selecting a design that matches the overall look and feel of the room is also a crucial consideration. This includes the type of finishes, colours, and detailing on the wardrobe. For example, a light-coloured wooden wardrobe is suitable for a room with muted tones, while a wardrobe with decorative doors is more compatible with a bedroom with ornate interiors.

2.3.2. Choosing a mattress

Now, we come to the most important part of decorating a bedroom – choosing the mattress. Since we spend a third of our lives asleep, it is vital to select a suitable bed that is comfortable. Sleeping on an ill-fitted mattress can lead to a bad back, sore muscles, and a lack of adequate sleep.

Naturally, the first thing to consider is the size of your bed. After all, you need a reasonable amount of space to relax properly. If you are sleeping with your spouse, you will require a larger bed – either a queen or king-sized mattress. Conversely, a single or super-single mattress is sufficient for those sleeping alone.

Another question to ask yourself is, “What is your preferred sleeping position?”. Your answer to this query plays a significant role in choosing your ideal mattress. This is because the parts of your body that require additional support to maintain your spinal alignment during sleep differ based on your sleeping posture. So a mattress that matches your sleeping position will help prevent aches and pains.

Back sleepers place the greatest pressure on their lower back. As a result, they will require a medium-firm or firm mattress with light to moderate contouring. Similarly, those who sleep lying flat on their stomach put the most pressure on their lumbar spine. Therefore, a firm mattress will suit them well.

Lastly, side sleepers do best with a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress, as they have sharp pressure points, most notably at their hips and shoulders. If the mattress is too firm, they are prone to misalignment. If the bed is too soft, these pressure points will dip out of line with the spine.

2.3.3. Choosing a vanity table

Last but not least, you should not forget about including a vanity table in your bedroom. Whether you are grooming yourself or preparing for an event, having a vanity table makes it easier for you to look your best. Furthermore, it offers additional compartments to store your beauty products and accessories, making it the one-stop furniture for all your grooming needs.

So how do you go about selecting an ideal vanity table for your bedroom? Well, you need to start by figuring out the features you require. Naturally, you will want a table set with a mirror and a bench to make it easier for you to put on your makeup. Another feature to consider is the number of compartments you require to store your cosmetics and beauty products.

Once you have figured out the features you need, it is time to decide on a designated space for this furniture in your bedroom. Take note of the size and placement of the vanity table and ensure there is sufficient room between each piece of furniture for you to easily navigate the area.

Consider building a nice harmony between your vanity table and your bedroom’s interior design. For example, a marble table set is ideal for a modern, luxury interior design. In contrast, a wooden vanity table is compatible with a minimalistic bedroom, as the natural character of wood makes the facade warm and welcoming – which is the ideal atmosphere for a bedroom.


Common mistake when buying home furniture in Singapore

Now that you have a better understanding of how to select your ideal home furniture for each individual room in your home, you are undoubtedly excited to begin your search.

However, in their zeal to decorate their house, many homeowners in Singapore succumb to impulse buys, resulting in them being stuck with furniture pieces that are not suitable for their homes. To prevent this from happening to you, you should be mindful of the common blunders to steer clear of, especially if you are shopping for furniture online.

Mistake #1: Not having the exact dimensions

As you scroll through our guide, you will have noticed that we frequently remind you to measure your living space before committing to your purchase. This is because many new homeowners often purchase their home furniture by estimating the available space rather than getting an exact measurement. As a result, they buy products that are either too small or too large.

Mistake #2: Making impractical choices

Functionality is as vital as aesthetics when purchasing home furniture. Many homeowners make impulse purchases based on a piece of furniture’s looks without considering other factors like theme, colour palette, and functionality. This results in a living space stuffed with various furniture pieces that do not complement one another. Worse, these rash decisions may result in you getting a chair that is disproportionate to the table, resulting in discomfort when using these pieces of furniture.

Mistake #3: Not considering your future needs

It is all well and good to consider furniture that is suitable for you now. However, buying home furniture is also an investment. You need to factor in your future needs too! For example, a fabric sofa may look fantastic in your living room currently, but if you plan on having a pet or kids in the future, you may find it challenging to clean the stains on the upholstery when either leaves a mess on the sofa.

If you plan to purchase your home furniture online, we recommend checking out customer reviews to get a sense of what to expect from the business. After all, it is always best to get your furniture from a trusted and reliable retailer.


When it comes to buying the ideal home furniture in Singapore, there is no magic formula that fits everyone’s needs. Nevertheless, it does pay to plan your purchases beforehand to avoid wasting your money. Hopefully, our guide can help you achieve this goal and create a cohesive and comfortable living space for your home!

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