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5 tips to inspire console table styles in your home

Console tables are versatile furniture pieces that elegantly transform any part of your home. Be it in the entryway, living room, or dining area, the console table gives you the opportunity to express your unique style and refine your home’s design. With a keen eye, a couple of lamps on the surface of the console table, cushioned stools underneath it, even pieces of artwork, photographs or mirrors overhead will turn your console table into a natural focal point amidst your interior. In this blog, we share five stunning ways to style your console table for an effortless accent of beauty in your Singapore home.

#1 In the entryway, for a stylish welcome

Console tables can create a delightful welcome to your home when placed in the entryway.

Since apartments in Singapore often have narrow entryways, you might consider picking a narrow table with a simple and clean design, as well as thin legs to create an illusion of space. This marble console table from Snow Globe, for instance, makes a lovely entryway table for a Singapore home.

Marble Console Table

#2 Settle in with chairs

Chair-under-table designs are befitting for large homes or rooms with ample space. Tucking a pair of stools under the console table not only works to fill in the empty spaces and balance out the visual weight, but it also provides extra seating so that you can entertain additional guests. Besides cushioned stools, you can consider using a small bench or items like baskets or stacks of books that are suitable for inspiring a unique look. You can even place vibrantly coloured accent chairs on either side of the console table to brighten up your home with an extra pop of colour.

Gold Console Table

#3 Go gold for a luxury taste

Sometimes, a little gold is all you need to transform your home into a luxury space. Whilst a full-gold console table is a sure way to glam things up, you can also go with a console table with golden table legs or golden knobs on the drawers for a more subtle look. Complement the gold-painted console table with hints of gold in your decor – like a brassy gold plate, pale gold photo frames, or an abstract artwork with streaks of warm gold.

Barille Sideboard

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#4 Two-tiers for twice the fun

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to a two-tiered console table. Two-tiered tables are a great way to infuse style with functionality: with generous surface area, you can store essential items and go wild with the decor at the same time. For instance, the top shelf of the two-tiered console table can be set aside for taller items like an ornate flower vase or a vintage lamp, whilst the bottom shelf holds your favourite books and magazines.

Natalia Console Table

Not a fan of open shelves? Opt for a drawer console table to keep your interior neat and sleek, yet with lots of room for additional storage.

Kate Media Console

#5 Decorate overhead

Occasionally, the console table might cause your space to look disproportionate – especially if you have a lot of space above it. In such a case, hanging eye-catching artwork overhead is a great way to create balance, and turn your console table into a focal point. Match strands of colours in the painting with other colours present in the living room, like shades of blue to go with a throw rug in the living room, or splashes of yellow to match an ottoman, to create a harmonised design. Besides art pieces, you can also use mirrors – either mimicking the proportions of the console table or in a gridded pattern to amplify your home’s spaciousness.

Calway Sideboard Large

Everything considered, your console table should complement your home’s interior style and space – a larger home calls for more elaborate console table decor, whilst a smaller home is best matched with a console table that has a slim and simple design. Putting a gold or marble spin on your console table design is a graceful way to add sophistication to the home, whereas a wood and rattan combination console table can refine your colonial-themed living room.

Snow Globe is a luxury-style furniture shop in Singapore that offers a beautiful selection of console table designs for every home look. Shop our collection of console tables today!