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4 Important Things To Look Out For When Choosing The Perfect Vanity Table

Every lady dreams of having a fully stocked vanity table in her bedroom for all her dressing up needs. 

Apart from containing the essential makeup and skincare products, the functionality and style of the vanity table should also be taken into consideration too. 

If you are planning to get your own vanity table but have no idea where to start, here is a list of things to look out for that will help you to select the perfect one.

1. Size and space 

It is not surprising to have space constraints especially since homes in Singapore are notorious for being small. So if you have little space to work with, consider transforming a corner of your room into your “vanity area” by opting for built-in cabinets and with the effective use of vertical space.  

But if you have been blessed with more space to work with, a vanity table set that comes complete with a matching seat will be a great choice. This gives you the liberty to move the table around your room to try out different layouts too. 

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Our Pearla Dressing Table Set will tick all your boxes and make you feel like the queen that you are with its unique curved table edge, beautiful marble tabletop, gold accents, padded body, and matching stool. 

2. Features

You should also take note of the features that come with your vanity table set, especially the mirror and drawers. 

Having more drawers is always a good thing so you can use them to hide clutter and keep your vanity tabletop neat and tidy. This also prevents dust from landing on your makeup and skincare products. However, if you plan on leading the minimalist lifestyle and only keeping the things that spark joy, a vanity table with fewer drawers will work. 

The next most important feature is undoubtedly the mirror, as you will be using it to perfect your makeup every day. Mirrors for vanity tables come in all shapes and sizes but round ones have been gaining popularity in recent years. You will also need to choose between natural or artificial lighting – place your vanity table near the window for the former or go for a mirror that comes equipped with LED lights if you prefer the latter. 

3. Material

Next, think about the material of your vanity table that will best suit your lifestyle.

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For instance, a wooden vanity table will complement a Japanese-style interior design but you have to remember it is a porous material that may rot if it comes into frequent contact with water. 

A marble tabletop may be more durable than wood but it is also not entirely stain-resistant, which can be a problem if you play around with makeup that contains heavy pigments on a daily basis. 

Each material has its own pros and cons, hence, it is always recommended that you analyse your preferences and needs before making the purchase. 

4. Style

Lastly, nobody wants a vanity table that stands out like a sore thumb which is why it is vital to consider the style too. 

This includes the design, colour and finishes – choose something that is in line with your room’s decorations so that you know the vanity table will stand the test of time.

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