4 Fascinating Ideas For Redesigning Your Home Office

Whether you are living the life working from the comfort of your own home or you’re just a free-spirited being who finds solace in a comfy and creative corner, having a well-designed home office that reflects your personality makes the tedious and hard part of working bearable and fun.

If you have already set up your home office but still feel as if something is amiss. Maybe you still haven’t found the right cabinet furniture in Singapore that is perfect for your needs. Worry no more because we have listed down some ideas that could finally fill the void you are feeling in your home office.

Here are four fantastic tips to help you redesign your thinking place:

1. Go Ergonomic

Opt for ergonomically friendly furniture. Not every reclining chair is good and designed for your spine.

According to a study conducted by Staple Business Resource Center, 71%  of the respondents consisted of office employees say that their office chairs have caused them back pain at one point of their lives. While there are 86% who says they have experienced muscle strain due to the furniture they have in the office, ergo go ergonomic.

Make the privilege of having a home office count, don’t settle for less when you have the liberty to shop around for a table and chair furniture in Singapore.

2. Follow the Light

When carefully rethinking the spot where you have set up your work table you also have to bear in mind to embrace the natural lighting of your surroundings. While there are people who are content working under dim lights, science claims that natural light and warmth is very beneficial not just for physical health but also emotional health. Sunlight helps boost hormone production in our body that is responsible for a well-functioning system.

3. Save Some Space

A messy workplace inspires no one. Even artists who claim to love their artistic mess. A mess is a mess. Now it’s up to you to get creative by finding the right drawers and sideboard furniture in Singapore to declutter and lessen the excess miscellaneous on your desk. Or better yet just rid of the things you don’t want to see – that stuff that doesn’t spark joy. Get rid of it.

4. Get Yourself a Plant Buddy

And speaking of joy, plants bring joy to people. Notice how a stroll around a park assuages your whole being? Indoor plants can actually do the same thing. The same way that plants in hospitals seemingly speeds up a patient’s recovery. There is just something about being around foliage that lessens the cortisol or the stress hormone, enhancing your concentration, memory, and performance.

A myriad could only dream of decorating and personalising their own home offices. Setting up their study desks, putting up frames behind them, picking the chair that feels more than just a chair. Truthfully, having a personalized comfy-creative corner to work at is not a privilege that many can afford.

So don’t stop at a bare minimum. Begin redesigning!


Find more custom made furniture in Singapore today, and start personalising your own comfy-creative corner!

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