3 Budget Tips To Make Your Home Appear More Luxurious

In an ideal world, we would have a professional interior designer at our disposal, styling our home such that it exudes comfort, luxury and sophistication. But, since not all of us can afford a professionally-curated home, it is possible to incorporate a luxurious look and feel into your home without taking out a second mortgage. The secret is not actually rooted in the amount you spend. In fact, when it comes to making a home look expensive, less is often more!

With a few simple adjustments and some strategic interior styling techniques, you can create a space that feels regal, on a budget. So, no matter if you are simply looking for ways to add the “wow” factor to your home or boost its value when you decide to sell it later on, here are some tips that will help you achieve that exclusive look without breaking the bank.

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1. Change Up The Lighting In Your Space

With the right balance, lighting can really change the experience and overall style of your space. Proper lighting can enhance the ambience of your house but do take note that the best way to improve the overall harmony of light and shade is by understanding the availability of natural light that enters your home.

Here’s a great tip – when lighting up any space, aim to layer three types of lighting.

– Ambient Lighting – The main source of light, including natural and overhead lights.
– Task Lighting – A lamp or fixture that can help you perform a specific task like reading or cooking.

Accent Lighting – A light used to highlight specific features around the home and often comes in the form of sconces or custom fixtures.

2. Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Drapes To Add A Sense Of Luxury

Many expensive and luxurious homes are flooded with natural light thanks to their high ceilings. Don’t have high ceilings? Fret not, because you can get this look by hanging your draperies and hardware as high and close to the ceiling as possible. When you go up and above, you are drawing the eyes up, providing the illusion of a bigger, loftier space.

To take a step further, add sheer curtains to soften the whole look by controlling the light that comes in and fill the space with a warmth that is cosy, welcoming and sophisticated.

3. Consider Armchairs And Sofas With Luxurious Fabrics And Colour

One great way to keep your house looking regal throughout is to make sure large, base pieces like your sofa set in the living room are neutral toned, think white, off-white, cream, taupe, beige, or grey. Although neutrals can be calm and relaxing, they can also be fun, dynamic and full of life when you mix them up with a variety of complementary tones, mix materials and patterns. You can accentuate your space by blending your neutral tones with gold, copper and silver accents in your furniture using throw pillows and rugs.

For fabric, velvet is probably one of the most luxurious materials used in most modern houses. You can mix things up by adding just one statement velvet armchair to elevate the whole scheme.

While certain styles and aesthetics can definitely feel exclusive to larger budgets, a little creativity and interior styling techniques go a long way in dressing up your home up to look luxe and grand. With these tips and luxury furniture from Snow Globe, you can surely elevate the look of your home without worrying about the cost incurred. Contact us today to know more about our furniture collection.