Armchair and Accent Chairs in Singapore

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A statement-making armchair is an accent chair. Accent chairs can help you develop a room’s theme and show your individuality through their shape, fabric, and base. The aesthetic of a room can also be made or broken by accent chairs! Choosing the ideal armchair in Singapore can add a layer of intrigue, flair, and a new look, but choosing the best one can make a big statement! With just a little clever design know-how, we may select the accent armchair that is ideal for our rooms! Here are a few examples:

  • Take into account the adage “form follows function.” Consider your seating arrangement, including who will be using the armchair and for how long.
  • Consider the shapes of your furniture and décor while looking for the ideal accent armchair. To prevent a space from feeling too stark, an accent chair with a flowing design might be needed.
  • Consider whether your room needs a powerful boost of energy or some soothing colours before selecting a palette for your accent chair.
  • Choose a suitable pattern. If you want to incorporate different patterns or prints in the same space, change the scale so that they don’t compete with one another.

Accent chairs are a must-have to make your living room or bedroom less dull and more attractive. While accent chairs are often one seater, they can do so much in directing your guests’ sight to a certain part of the room. Moreover, these specialised chairs are often used as a personal luxury chair for the homeowner in both the living room and the master’s bedroom. Thus, adding this furniture piece to your home will surely make your interior design more stunning and elegant.