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Picking the right dressing table to suit your style

When it comes to dolling yourself up, having a dressing table in your room makes a significant difference. But that is not all, a dressing table also offers the user a simple yet practical way to organise their accessories such as jewellery, and cosmetics in one place. Most of these dressing tables come with a chest of drawers and a mirror, adding elegance to your room while serving its utility purpose.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, How To Choose The Fairest Dressing Table Of Them All

 These days, picking out a dressing table requires careful planning as it serves more than just a place for vanity or storage. A dressing table should not be seen as an individual unit on its own. Instead, it should be thought of as a whole to complement the rest of your room decoration. So read on as we share with you some tips you can take to pick out the right dressing table for your room.

  1. Decide on the features

    Before buying a dressing table to compliment the design of your room, you will also need to take into consideration its features and uses, just like how you would carefully consider every feature before you buy a new car, home appliance, or even a house! Given the nature of this furniture, you might assume that features such as a mirror and a bench are always included, however that is not always the case. Some dressing tables like the minimalist Stella Table from Snow Globe only come with drawers for storing accessories, giving its users the freedom to personalise their vanity corner with a mirror or bench of their choice. Aside from the mirror and bench, the number of drawers is also an important feature that determines the versatility of a dressing table by virtue of extra storage space.

    stella table in Singapore

  2. It’s all about the size

    Like how the features can vary to suit your personal preferences, you can also pick out a dressing table that would fit snugly into the corner of your room! Before heading down to choose your dressing table, you should get the measurements of the space accurately, so that it is easier for you to pick out the table of the right size. In addition to just measuring the space you have, you can also visit your ideal furniture retailer’s online store or website to shortlist a few of your favourites and get the respective measurements before heading to the store to have a feel of the dresser. This way, you will minimise the chances of buying a dressing table that is too big for the space that you have set aside in your home.

  3. Finding your ideal style

    Are you into the clean, straight lines and minimalist look of modern dressers? Or do you have a penchant for exquisite and ornate lines of the Victorian style? If you are the glamourous kind, you might like a dressing table with a surface that is covered in mirrors to reflect other furniture or accents of the room. Some people may want to feel like a princess while doing their makeup routine, and there is nothing more perfect than the Pearla Dressing Table Set! Not only does it come with a sleek marble design top, but it also has a sleek design and padded body with a velvet drawer to make every morning delightfully exquisite.

    pearla dressing table in Singapore

  4. The material

    Besides picking out your ideal style, the material that you choose for your dressing table should be included in the decision-making process too. Traditionally, most dressing tables are made of sturdy hardwood, however as new designs are being developed, new materials such as faux wood, plastic, and even metal have been incorporated into the design. Different materials often result in varying designs and finishes. Plastic dressing tables tend to feature bright, vibrant colours, while the hardwoods often portray an elegant look and feel.

With useful storage spaces, a plethora of styles and materials to choose from, there is no denying that dressing tables make a great addition to your bedroom or even as a focal point for a unique approach in the overall interior design of your home!

Offering a wide range of luxurious dressing tables in Singapore, Snow Globe also provides customisation services so you can design a dream dresser to match your style and home.