How to create the perfect guest room?

So, are you expecting guests over the weekend? Or are you planning to enlist your home to travel accommodation websites? Either way, know that your guest room is a determining factor of how much of an amazing host you are. Of course, being hospitable and having custom made furniture in Singapore for your room are already big factors but not quite enough. You have to make your guests feel like they are at home, and how would you be able to do that you might ask. Well, it starts with the most simple and genuine thought, providing them with everything they need.

With a guest room that has everything they need, your guests would already feel special even without you physically appearing to welcome them. A perfectly set up guest room only shows how much thought you have put in for your guests and at the end of the day this would determine the experience over their stay. Here are four tips in setting up the perfect room for your guests.

1. Invest in a good quality bed

Do not overlook the one activity your guests will surely do each day during their stay and that is going to sleep. This makes the guest bed one of the most important elements of your guest room. At a minimum, the bed should be a queen size, though a king-size is preferable. Do not go frugal on the mattress either, having a high-quality mattress will be a welcomed amenity and give your guests a good night of rest.

If you want to go above and beyond, consider a set of luxury quality or high thread count bed sheets, or different pillow options such as memory foam or down (as long as they are not allergic), or a nice side table in Singapore, and blackout or room darkening curtains to keep the light and noise out so your visitors can have a restful sleep. If they wake up the next morning praising you for one of their best overnight stays ever, then you know you are on the right track to being a great host.

2. Provide them with a place to organise their stuff

When someone stays as a guest in another’s home, it is common to understand their stay is not like checking into a luxury hotel, but there are still many nice touches you can add to make them feel like they are. Depending on the length of your guest’s stay, they could possibly bring with them multiple pairs of shoes, clothes for several different occasions that may even need to be pressed, and toiletries or cosmetics that need a place to call home.

Making sure your guest room has plenty of different ways to organize all of your guest’s different belongings will help prevent them from having to live out of their suitcase or with everything bunched up in one corner of the room. A sufficient amount of hangers to accommodate different types of clothing is always a great start, a good dressing table in Singapore with vanity organizers for cosmetic supplies, then a luggage rack or shoe rack, and hooks on the wall for coats or a coat rack.

3. Go with comfortable and functional furniture

A lot of times when people have guest rooms, they tend to make it into a space for all of their leftover furniture from college, old roommates, or just pieces they never got around to getting rid of. This would be a huge mistake when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming experience for guests that stay with you. Do not let your guest room turn into some furniture graveyard, but instead turn it into a space that makes them want to make a return visit by opting for a custom made furniture for your guest room.

If space allows, having accent chair options to relax will help make the room more cozy so that your guests do not have to always resort to sitting on the bed. Whether it is a desk with an office chair, a plush inviting armchair, a compact loveseat, or chaise lounge, your guests will definitely appreciate a seating arrangement that gives them a place to unwind, but not necessarily go to sleep.

4. Have special bathroom care for them

In addition to the care you put toward your guest room, a necessity not to miss is the private bathroom. Whether the bathroom is accessed through the hallway, try to let other members of your household know so they can give your guest more space to use the bathroom as their own.

Make sure the bathroom is spotless before your guest arrives and clean it regularly depending on the length of your guest’s stay. Make sure your guest bathroom is packed with all the amenities you would expect from a hotel. Provide toiletry items such as shampoo and conditioner, hand soap and bath soap, shaving creams and blades, plush towels, and a hairdryer. Aside from having a custom made furniture for your guests, making sure that their bathroom is all set is another great way to let your guests know they are truly welcomed in your home.

Also it is nice to let your guests know ahead of their arrival that you will have these amenities to provide for them. It will be a great relief and also give them more space in their luggage to pack other items without having to worry about bringing their own toiletries or bathroom essentials.

Provide them with everything they need is key

Think of the things that you would need when you visit another person’s home or when you travel and check-in to a B&B. By providing your guests with the things they need, you are already making their stay as pleasant as possible. You do not need a fancy and bouncing guest room, you just have to make their stay comfortable as if they never left the comfort of their own homes.

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