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Furniture for Setting Up Your Home Office in Style

Love it or hate it, working from home has latched onto our lives as part of the new normal.  The physical space in which we work affects our well-being and productivity more significantly than we may imagine. When our home workspaces are cluttered, crowded, and plagued by multiple distractions, working becomes more troublesome and difficult than it already is. We assure you that creating a comfortable work environment is worth the effort—so here are some furniture tips for setting up your home office in luxurious style!

1. Section a dedicated space for work

Work Space Section

Your dedicated area should be one that is set aside solely for office work, so that other activities like eating, watching television, and sleeping are kept outside of this space. Even if setting aside an entire study room is not an option, you can still partition a dedicated space for work within your bedroom, living room or guest room. There are several pieces of furniture that can help you do this.

Standing bookshelves make great dividers, breaking up your room into smaller areas while acting as a functional piece of furniture for keeping your books. Curtains, sliding barn doors, and cut out folding screens are also several other ways that you can partition your room. Fit your home office behind the partition of your choice, and you will find yourself settled into the right headspace for work!

2. Prioritise a fitting desk

Stylish Desk Home Office Furniture

The desk is the most focal and defining piece of furniture for your home office—having chosen the right desk makes it easier to find other furniture and accessories to match your desk’s colour and style. Besides, more than deciding the room’s style, the desk also decides the user’s productivity. Get a desk that gives you plenty of legroom and a wide-surface to work on to support a neat and organised workspace and expand the spaciousness of your home office!

3. Cut out the clutter

Clutter free desk

Did you know that the visual distraction of clutter causes our brains to process more information than necessary, causing stress and poorer working memory? Storage spaces are a practical solution for clearing the clutter—increasing focus and your ability to process information at work. Look out for storage spaces in office desks or use standing bookshelves: standing bookshelves are great for storing bigger items like books and files, and drawers in the table allow you to remove unsightly clutter while keeping often-used items conveniently in reach!

4. Choose easy comfort

Comfortable office chair

Working from home means sitting on your office chair for about eight long hours each day! Invest in a comfortable office chair to ease back, neck and shoulder problems, and increase productivity over long periods of time. The chair should provide you with ample lumbar support by curving against your lower back so that your ears, shoulders and pelvis are aligned. Office chairs can be made from mesh, fabric or leather, but we recommend using leather chairs to add elegant beauty to your home office while providing the durability you need.

5. Make sure the light is right

the right work space

Setting up your desk near a window supplements your office space with natural light and helps improve mood, increase energy, and reduces headaches. Keep your desk either facing the window or placed sideways to it so that the sunlight does not cause glare on your computer screen. You can add thin curtains or drapes to keep your home office lighting flexible according to your needs.

6. Follow through with style

Tie everything seamlessly together with style! A modern luxury-styled home is grand, sophisticated, and expensive with a modern twist of clean lines, spaciousness, and functionality. Bookshelves and tables made with dark wood and sleek metal framings contribute to creating a luxurious feel and leather office chairs elevate the home office space to possess an even more lavish look. By choosing furniture that is complementing in terms of colour, material and size, you can create the perfect home office for comfortable productivity.

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