Feng Shui Your Home: A Guide to Auspicious Furniture Placement

If you’re a fan of anything feng shui, you know that the movement of energy in the home, called chi, can make the difference between calm, comfort as well as happiness, success, and prosperity.

But, contrary to the general idea, feng shui is more than a mere method of decorating. Its purpose is to create balance and harmony—and one method is by arranging your furniture in a particular layout to allow the chi to flow smoothly.

Read this guide on how you can maximise your home’s energy with good feng shui furniture placement for every room.


Living Room

The living room is often where you entertain guests and where your family spend the most time together hence, it must be arranged in a way that invites good energy movement and harmony.

To achieve a good flow of chi, arrange your living room furniture in a conversational arrangement, wherein the couch and other seating options are placed to face one another. This arrangement should encourage conversations as well as attract prosperity, good health, and happiness.



Whereas the living room is more yang; a place of activity and movement, the bedroom is more yin—being more private and personal.

Here, a bed should always be in the command position so you constantly have the view of the door from your bed. A good, solid wall behind the bed may also help improve your health by promoting a more sound, secure sleep.

Dining Room

Aside from the living room, the dining room is also a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Some homeowners are accepting guests in this area too—and with good food, it’s not surprising if the best conversations happened in the dining room.

Having said that, your dining room has to have good feng shui, too. The dining table should sit in the centre of the room whereas other furniture items such as the sideboard and cabinet are strategically placed where they don’t obstruct the traffic.


The energy in the bathroom can be a bit challenging. The lack of order and cleanliness can instantly double the negative quality of chi here, so before you think about the furniture placement, keeping it orderly and clean makes it easier to feng shui.

Place organisational solutions to keep your bathroom organised. You can also add a mirror on the bathroom door to allow the chi to bounce back into your home and keep it from entering your bathroom.



The placement of tables, chairs and other furniture in your outdoor area is also essential to the concept of feng shui.

While it may be divided into different areas for different purposes—eating, lounging, or grilling—what’s important is that the walkways remain unobstructed. The goal is to keep the paths free-flowing from one area to another.

While you want your home to attract good feng shui, you’ll also want it to reflect your style. Don’t shy away from adding your personal touches to your home. After all, the true feng shui principles are about form, placement and maybe some updating, too!

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