Marble console table in Singapore

Best tips for picking a gorgeous marble table

Marble, a premium stone, has played a huge role for centuries in creating luxurious and expensive interior designs. Whether you’re going for a neoclassic, opulent-styled interior or a more modern but indulgent design for your home, marble works perfectly to create your ideal home space. Even in the absence of marble walls and floors, incorporating the right pieces of clean-cut marble furniture can elevate your room to lavish heights. With that, we share 3 of our favourite factors involved in picking gorgeous marble furniture for your Singapore home!

  1. Colours

    There are so many colours of marble that you can choose from: white, cream, black, red, brown, pink, yellow, green, grey are all common colours used for marble furniture. Each colour brings a different vibe to your home – like white marble invites an air of lightness and spaciousness to the room while black marble creates a more plush and extravagant feel.  

    Marble coffee table furniture in Singapore

    Aside from choosing a colour that accentuates your desired interior style, also think about what functions will be performed with your marble furniture. Marble kitchen countertops or coffee tables, for instance, will likely be exposed to food or drink spillage. High-quality marble might be stain resistant, but regular marble is porous and susceptible to staining – you will find that spillages on the marble can cause the marble to change in colour. 

    Even high-quality marble is reactive to acids (like lemon or lime juice) and will fade to a lighter, whiter colour than it was. It’s, therefore, best to choose white marble for countertops and coffee tables, so that stains do not show so easily. On the other hand, for marble console tables that don’t usually come in contact with food or drinks, you can easily opt for lavish black to fit your style!

    High quality marble console table furniture in Singapore

  2. Patterns

    The special thing about marble is that every slab has a natural, unique pattern. Marble can be cut in different ways to achieve distinct veining patterns – like cross or fleuri cutting a piece of marble will produce an open flower or ink-like pattern while vein or straito cutting reveals a linear, stripey design. It’s up to you which pattern you love most, but just know that you don’t have to commit to the very first one you see! marble console table furniture patterns in SingaporeRead: A Helpful Measurement Guide for Buying Living Room Furniture

  3. Finishes 

    Did you know that you can complete your marble look using different finishes? Honed marble results in a bumpy texture and gives off a duller, older, and more classic look. This type of finishing causes stains or scratches to become less noticeable, because the marble surface is already slightly more rugged in feel. At the same time, it is more porous and absorbed spillages more easily. The most popular finishing is polished marble, which produces a smooth, clean and glossy surface. Polished marble looks elegant, sophisticated and modern, plus it is less porous and more stain-resistant. If you’re already getting a white marble coffee table, choosing a polished finish is a good choice.

polished marble console table furniture in Singapore

Altogether, marble furniture can successfully create beautiful, affluent accents within your home. There are so many things that you can choose about your marble furniture: colours, patterns, how the different patterns mix and match with one another, finishes, sharp or curved edges and more. With these factors in mind, make a confident choice about your timeless pieces of marble furniture to spruce up your home today!

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