8 Fascinating Interior Design Themes You Can Apply to Your Home

No two houses are the same—thanks to interior design that’s available in a wide range of themes and formats, often absolutely distinct but sometimes, with only the subtlest of differences.

Each interior design theme presents its own flavour, finish, style, and furniture preferences, rendering a space exceptional in every aspect. For instance, each home in Singapore presents a unique and personalised dining table, making every interior design theme a bit different compared to others.

However, with an abundance of options—not to mention, the lack of understanding to describe each style—can make it hard to identify which style will work best for you. 

A great starting point to decide which theme to apply to your home would be to learn a bit about each of them and what separates them from one another. It will also help you find the right furniture items that will match your interior design theme from the living room up to the bedrooms. 


8 Interior Design Themes Explained 


A minimalist interior design theme takes after modern design and simplifies it further. It keeps its colour palette to neutral and its furniture—sofa, dining table, accent chairs, etc.—to a bare minimum. It also devoids of clutter and rather focuses on comfort and functionality. 



Contemporary is a term often confused with modern. But, in interior design, their key difference is that while ‘modern’ pertains to a particular era, often the early 20th century, ‘contemporary’ refers to styles that follow trends and change with times. 



This theme draws inspiration from the outdoors, putting an emphasis on raw, weathered or reclaimed elements such as wood, stone, and leather. It has quite an earthy, organic touch to it, lending a warm and cosy feeling to any space. 



Shabby chic is often regarded as vintage in style with its distressed appearance and antique-style finishes. It leans on feminine colour palettes like white, cream, and pastels and also often makes use of elaborate finishes—lighting, wall hangings, and accessories—to continue the feminine vibe. 



Fresh, relaxed, and inviting, just like the waters that inspire it, the coastal design reflects a beach house vibe. It often uses white and blue as primary colours and incorporates unfinished wood, linens, and other nautical elements—jute ropes, sailboats, seashells—in the décor. 



A present cult-favourite, a Scandinavian style emphasises a clean, functional look that’s universally appealing. It features neutral colour palettes, furniture with clean lines, and pops of colour brought in via accessories, all wrapped up in a space that maximises the use of natural lighting. 



As the name suggests, this theme evokes an urban vibe with warehouse elements thrown in the mix. It takes advantage of exposed steel, stone, and timbre to create a living space that has a raw beauty appeal. Think a neutral colour palette, reclaimed wood, unfinished metals, and moody hues. 



Straightforward silhouettes, clean lines, and gentle curves—the hallmarks of mid-century modern styling. These features make this theme a great option to update a traditional-styled interior with ease. 


There are many other interior design themes beyond what’s outlined in this article. It also pays to remember that interior designers tend to bridge different elements from different themes together to create a space that’s truly exceptional. 

However, these 8 interior design themes should get you started with updating your home. You can also get started with shopping for your furniture today. 

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