Decorating Mistake

8 Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Home

Mistakes are so easily made—and the same is true when decorating your home.

You have the furniture, accessories, and colour palette all set up but, you feel something doesn’t seem quite right.

If you’re unsatisfied with the look of your home, there’s a good chance that one of the following common decorating mistakes are to blame.

But, don’t worry!

As a trusted provider of living room furniture in Singapore, we’ll also be sharing with you some tips on how to fix them. Trust us, you’ll be pleased with the results!


8 Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Blocking Natural Light

Thick drapery can look beautiful, but it could also keep you from maximising the natural light, thus rendering your room less inviting. So, hang sheers instead—preferably those made of linen to bring texture and warmth while still allowing light filter through.


Relying Exclusively on Overhead Light

As stated above, a room that’s poorly lit can feel unflattering. Therefore, instead of relying solely on overhead lighting, you should have other light fixtures in your room—perhaps some lamps on the walls, tables, and floor?


Ignoring Scale and Proportion

There are plenty of ways you could be ignoring the visual size of things: Curtains are too short, area rugs are too small, you have oversized furniture or the other way around. Remember, size matters and it’s crucial to invest in furniture and accessories that are in the right proportion.


Hanging the Artwork Too High

Speaking of proportion, we also often see homes where artworks are hung too high. However, people will want to see your art at their eye level hence as a rule of thumb, the artwork’s midpoint should be approximately 60 inches from the floor. Consequently, if the artwork is above a couch, it should be at least 6 inches above it.



It’s easy to pack your space with way too much furniture items, but that look crosses over easily to clutter; making the rooms feel smaller. Resolve this issue by scaling back on decorating items and keep only what’s essential.


Pushing Furniture Against the Walls

You may be guilty of this without even realising: taking up a large room, placing all the furniture against the wall, and keeping them too far apart. As a rule of thumb, the couch shouldn’t be more than an arm’s length from the coffee table and side table.


Diving into Trends

While it can be fun to keep up with interior design trends, there’s a tendency that they quickly become outdated. As a result, you’ll likely have to spend more money replacing items sooner than expected. Think about an interior design theme that speaks to your heart and decorate instead according to what brings you joy.


Opting for Style Over Comfort

Another risk in keeping up with the trend is the tendency to prioritise style over comfort. When shopping for furniture, keep an eye out for items that balance style and functionality. Take a minute to see if a couch feels right when you sit on it or that lamp is really what you need for your side table.


As you can see, there are far more mistakes you can make when decorating your home such as investing in cheap furniture, disregarding storage, using too many pillows, and keeping a matching furniture set as if it’s bought straight out of a magazine, to name a few. However, the common mistakes and solutions mentioned above should be a great point to start.

We all make mistakes and that’s okay! It’s a way to figure out what speaks most to you and the rest will follow.

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