6 Interesting Ways to Make Your Home Furniture Stylish on a Budget!

Who doesn’t occasionally walk through a furniture store or browse through a shopping website, wishing you could buy that beautiful couch? But, unfortunately, for most of us, we are tight on the budget.

It means it’s not every payday that you have the extra money for a shopping spree. It’s also likely that every time there’s a broken living room furniture item to be replaced at home, you still tend to keep your spend to a minimum or at least buy one that’s on the cheaper side.

There should be no shame about buying economical furniture! But, what can you do when you can’t help but to desire a luxe look that you can’t quite get from cheaper products? Upgrade your home furniture with these 6 budget tips in a snap:


Paint It

Repainting is a great way to give new life to old furniture. What have you got to lose? Small furniture pieces such as stools and bedside tables, and accessories like lamps and displays are perfect for such repainting projects—just make sure to paint them with the same or complementing colours for a cohesive look.


Spray Paint with Gold

For a classy and elevated look, on the other hand, you can also opt to spray paint any metal part of your furniture—handles, legs, and knobs—with gold. There’s hardly anything that a coat of liquid gold can’t do. It’s affordable, easy to apply, and makes anything look grand.


Cover it Up

A slipcover is also an affordable way to upgrade a couch. If you can’t do it on your own, you can look for someone who can custom-make you one for a reasonable price. Complete the rest of the look of your living room by adding throws and cushions that match your slipcover.


Paper It

Another affordable but stylish way to update your old furniture is by using patterned paper. You can use contact paper, which is affordable, waterproof and available in a wide range of beautiful patterns. We suggest using one that mimics the look of marble to create a luxe-looking furniture piece.


Update Furniture Legs

Short and plastic couch legs are a dead giveaway that the furniture is on the cheap side. Swap them out with long, tapered legs that will instantly make your couch look high-end. The same goes for old coffee tables and outdated chairs.


Reupholster It

Finally, recovering your dining chairs or couch by reupholstering is fun and can make a great difference to the overall look of your home. Transform a thrifted coffee table into an ottoman or upgrade a cheap stool with a faux fur cover. Once you start, you’ll probably be looking at every piece of furniture in your home as a potential upholstery project!


When you think that no amount of home furniture update could help you achieve the refreshed look that you want for your home, you don’t always have to resort to buying expensive furniture in the mall—not when you can get the same quality of furniture for a much more affordable price from online furniture stores such as Snow Globe.

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Do you have any old furniture that you think would benefit from these budget tips? Share your ideas by leaving a comment!

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