The Complete Guide To Designing A Nature-Inspired Home

February 5, 2020

Mother Nature has always been a source of inspiration for great ideas. From famous paintings to home decorations, nature surrounds in all directions. With that said, surrounding yourself with a nature-inspired home interior design sounds like a good idea, right?

Capture a unique style with nature as your central theme to promote a peaceful environment in your home. If you’re looking for some tips on how to start a nature-inspired home, here’s a complete guide for you.


Designing A Nature-Inspired Home

What comes to mind when you hear the word “nature”? It could be the leaves rustling or birds chirping. More often than not, it’s the colourful shades of brown and green—which brings us to our first tip…

1. Green + Brown = Perfect Balance

Shades of green and brown create a perfect balance that reflects Mother Nature. According to psychology, the average person associates green and brown colours with nature and Earth.

Create a remarkable atmosphere at home that will make you feel relaxed and at peace. For instance, you could place green dining chairs with a brown table in your dining room to exhibit a nature-inspired colour scheme. Perhaps you can even add decorative pieces such as green vases or wooden tableware to produce a calming ambience in your dining room?

2. Let the Light Shine Through

The easiest and cheapest way to feel closer to nature is to let sunlight shine through your windows. Sunlight can instantly bring any room to life! Natural lighting lets striking colours pop out even more during the daytime.

What if there’s not enough sunlight as you’d hope? Try hanging thin drapes by the windows to let sunlight pass through, or even place a mirror on a wall to reflect the illumination and increase its brightness even further.

3. Authentic Wood is the Ideal Choice

Utilise nature’s best elements by choosing authentic wooden furniture.

There’s a certain charm to real wood that artificial materials can’t compare. The more natural its finish, grain, and design, the more beautiful it is.

For example, check out this console table that’s rich in colour and texture, adding more to the natural style and substance of your nature-inspired interior design. Feel free to complete the natural look by displaying beautiful flowers in crafty vases.

4. Go All Out With the Accessories

There’s no such thing as too many if you’re not yet satisfied with your home decor. If so, then polish your interior with a few finishing touches, and go all out with accessories that go in harmony with the nature-influenced design.

The best accessories are ones that are subtle at a glance, yet are quite prominent after repeated viewings—such as this grey rug that goes well with your nature-inspired colour palette.

5. Final Tip: Mix It Up A Little

If you’re not quite content with the outcome, then maybe you should mix it up a little? Go beyond the nature-inspired set-up and select abstract accessories, like these modern paintings, to give a little contrast against the nature theme.

Designing the perfect nature-inspired home doesn’t happen in an instant. Take your time by investing in the home decor essentials in Singapore for your living room and bedroom furniture. Once you’re done, you’ll feel the relaxing atmosphere that Mother Nature is known for.

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