5 Things To Display On A Coffee Table For An Aesthetic Living Room

5 Things To Display On A Coffee Table For An Aesthetic Living Room

The coffee table in your home is usually placed right in the middle of your living room and thus, often captures people’s attention first.

Hence, styling the coffee table is important to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space that will wow your guests and makes you look forward to coming home every day.

If you have no ideas, here are some effortless and affordable ways to spruce up your coffee table to take inspiration from.

1. Floral arrangements

Have a penchant for all things lovely and smile-inducing? Then get fresh floral blooms to decorate your coffee table with! The flowers will add a pop of colour and you can even double the sophisticated factor by using an artsy vase for even more pizzazz.

However, if the upkeep of the flowers sounds like something you do not wish to take part in, dried or preserved flowers will do the trick too. They are low-maintenance and will go perfectly with any rustic-themed decor in your home.

Mockup Book on Coffee Table

2. A stack of books

Look up “Pinterest-worthy coffee tables” and you will most likely see a stack of books being used as decorations.

This is one of the easiest ways to transform a mundane-looking round coffee table into something straight out of a magazine as you will be able to make use of what you already have at home.

Simply choose some books with the prettiest covers and stack them up, then leave your favourite ornament or even a plant on top of it for that extra touch of elegance.

3. A table runner

A table runner has been in trend for years and even though it is mostly used to protect the table from spills and damages, it is also great as a decoration.

Choose something that goes with the design of your home or coffee table to add colour, texture and interest with just one nifty item.

If you have a glass coffee table, go for a table runner in neutral colours and stack natural materials on it to achieve the completed look.

Tray and Scented Candles on Coffee Table

4. A tray

Apart from ornaments, other items you can consider displaying on your coffee table include scented candles and diffusers. Alas, having too many of these sitting on every corner of the table will only result in an uncluttered look.

Thankfully, using a tray to display those items will not just keep your coffee table neat, but also protect the tabletop from wear and tear.

A rule of thumb to follow is if the item cannot fit into the tray, it is high time to let it go.

5. A statement piece

Minimalist lovers will like this idea – instead of putting so much time and effort into looking for a few items to complement your coffee table with, opt for just one statement piece.

This way, you will be able to keep to the minimalist theme without overshadowing the design of your coffee table.

A sculpture or vase with some greenery is perfect for a stylish yet understated coffee table.

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How to choose a stunning coffee table for your living room

Oval Marble Coffee tables

Positioned in the centre of the living room, a coffee table is an exciting piece of furniture to pick out because it offers a myriad of options in terms of style. Round coffee tables create a cosy living space, whilst rectangular tables might help accentuate a sleek and modern look – and marble coffee tables will prove to be an effortless addition to a luxury home. So it doesn’t matter – any style you love, we help you to perfect by sharing our tips on how to get the most stunning coffee table for your home in Singapore!


The first thing to consider when choosing your coffee table is its size. The ideal size of your coffee table can be determined by the dimensions of your sofa: coffee tables generally should not be more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. For instance, a sofa that is 250 cm long can be effortlessly paired with a coffee table about 160 cm long. This balances the visual weight in the living room, rather than overwhelm the space with too many large pieces of furniture.

How To Match Coffee Table to L-shaped Section

For sectional sofas, you want to consider the two shorter lengths of the sofa, the vertical and horizontal distances from the end just until the corner of the L-shape.  Since sectional sofas create a smaller central space in the living room, they are usually paired with a round or square table – so that it sits snugly in the nook of the sofa.

To make sure that you have enough room to walk around the coffee table comfortably, it should be about 30 – 45 cm away from the sofa, and 60 to 75 cm away from the television.

Smaller homes in Singapore should thus have smaller coffee tables, whilst larger homes can accommodate bigger and weighter coffee tables – either way designs a spacious living space for you to enjoy.


Did you know that the shape of your coffee table can greatly affect the style and feel of your living room?

A round coffee table works to soften other angular lines in your space. For instance, if you have a lot of other straight-edged pieces of furniture in the living room, like the sofa, console table, or even the rug, choosing a round coffee table can help to tone down the harsh lines and create a space that feels more comfortable and casual. Whereas, should you want to flaunt a more clean and modern look, a rectangular or square coffee table will do the job.

Tilla Round Marble Coffee Table

Some coffee tables, like the Tilla Round Marble Coffee Table, balance angular and soft lines that can work for a living room that already has an even combination of both. The Tilla Round Marble Coffee Table has a round marble top as well as open straight legs, creating a clean-edged look despite its round shape.


All furniture in your room has visual weight – this refers to how much it attracts and interacts with the eye; a larger, darker, or more solid object is likely to have more visual weight than a smaller, lighter, and translucent one.

Before you pick a coffee table for your home, take a look at your living room and assess the weightiness of the other furniture. If you have a lot of visually heavy furniture in your room, you might consider a glass coffee table that has a lighter and airier style compared to a solid marble coffee table. However, even with marble, you can choose a lighter colour like white and open table legs to create more empty space in your living room.

Georgia Honeycomb Coffee Table

Our round Aerial Coffee Table is a good choice for balancing out a visually heavy living room interior. Or, you might pick the Georgia Honeycomb Coffee Table for a touch of flair.

Altogether, start with measuring your sofa and the space in the living room, then consider the other visual elements in the space and how to complement as well as balance them out. Since the coffee table takes the centre of the room, choosing a right one will certainly make a huge difference in adding elegance and style to your living space.

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A Helpful Measurement Guide for Buying Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture in Singapore

The first step to styling your dream living room in Singapore is to measure your furniture and room space. Measuring well will help you to design a most visually pleasing look and feel, plus create an optimal level of comfort and ease for you to live in. Having just the right distance between your coffee table and sofa, for one, lets you easily lean forward to reach for a cup of coffee or magazine, or kick your feet up nicely to watch your favourite movies. Before you head to the store to pick out the newest furniture for your living room, here’s our useful measuring guide to help you measure away!

Coffee Table to Sofa

Since the coffee table is the most central piece of furniture in the living room, it’s good to start here!

The coffee table is best chosen according to the size of your sofa, as they function as a close pair in the living room. You can start by measuring the height of your sofa (until the seat cushions) and its length. The height of your coffee table should be no taller than the height of the sofa, and best 1 to 2 inches shorter than it. Anything higher would make the furniture look awkward, and anything lower would make it difficult for you to use the coffee table comfortably. This means that a taller sofa would require a taller coffee table, while a shorter sofa works well with a shorter coffee table.

Living room furniture coffee table  in Singapore


For length, the rule of thumb is to have the coffee table no less than ½ the size of the sofa and no more than ⅓ of it. This creates an aesthetically pleasing look and allows you enough space to move about between your sofa and coffee table.

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Depending on how deep your living room space is, choose a coffee table that can fill it up accordingly. A deeper space works best with a table with greater width, so that there’s not too much empty space between the coffee table and television. Longer width coffee tables measure about 32 to 48 inches, while shorter width ones measure about 19 to 31 inches. You can consider different coffee table styles, like rectangular, round, and nesting that are ideal for different living room depths; a deeper living room, for instance, could work well with an L-shaped sofa and a round coffee table – filling up the width of the living room space.

Accent Chairs and Side Tables

Accent chairs are usually placed either just around the coffee table or further away, snug in a corner of the living room. If your accent chair is far from the coffee table, you’ll likely have an accompanying side table to make it easy for you to set down drinks, books, and other things. A side table is often placed close to the accent chair. There’s no standard measurement for this – just a comfortable half arm’s length distance away is good.

Living room furniture accent chair in Singapore

Measure the height of the accent chair, from the floor to the arm, and from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. Your side table should be no taller than the arm height and no shorter than the height of the seat. With armless accent chairs, you can estimate a side table that’s no higher than 8 inches above the seat height.

Console table

Console tables are also known as sofa tables because they are often placed behind the sofa to section a living room into distinct spaces. You should measure the back of your sofa to determine the height of your console table. A console table should not be taller than a sofa’s back, or else it will awkwardly jut out from behind the sofa and break the flow of space in your living room. Console table lengths are flexible – just measure the length of your sofa’s back and make sure that your console table does not extend beyond that length.

Living room furniture console table in Singapore

Space around each furniture

Always make sure that you give enough space between your furniture for you to walk through comfortably, but not too much that you have to work hard to reach your cup of tea on the coffee table. The coffee table to sofa distance should be about 14 to 18 inches, just a nice distance for you to pick up items on the table, and enough room to walk around. Other seats around the coffee table should also follow the same rule. Apart from that, allow about 30 inches around furniture that you’ll need to walk around.

All in all, whether you’re living in a snug or spacious apartment in Singapore, making proper measurements of your furniture can help you create the most ideal, comfortable living space to live and relax in!

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