How to easily clean your fabric sofa

Sofas are versatile furniture—especially those made of fabric. However, before you purchase a fabric sofa, you should know how to clean one.

While fabric sofas are prone to stains, they’re just as easy to clean, though it depends on the situation. If you’ve seen signs of stains on your fabric sofa, fret not. Here are ways to easily clean your fabric sofa!


Clean the stains immediately

Should you stain your sofa or spill something on it by accident, clean it immediately. Wait too long and the stain will stick, making it harder to get rid of in the future.


Review the manufacturer’s recommendations

Before you clean your sofa, check the recommendations by the manufacturer. Some sofas require a specific form of treatment, so it’s important for you to review the manufacturer’s recommendation before cleaning your upholstery.

Check the sofa’s tag for specific instructions. Follow the instructions written on the tag to avoid damaging the sofa.


Tools to consider

Here are two tools you should have at your disposal for efficient cleaning of stains.

  • Vacuum– Use a vacuum to prevent particles from settling into the body of your sofa furniture. For stains caused by dust and other particles, using a vacuum can work wonderfully.
  • Steam – If your fabric sofa is allowed to be cleaned with water, then a steamer is the ideal tool to use. Steam loosens the stain and makes it more reactive to treatment.

Use baking soda

Fortunately, baking soda is not only commonly available, but it’s effective as a cleaning solution as well. Sprinkle baking soda over the stain to eliminate odours and loosen the stain.

For deep stains, create a baking soda paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and water. Let the baking soda paste sit for approximately 20 minutes. Once it has absorbed the stain, use a vacuum to remove the particles and use a brush to dry off any excess dirt.


Try the recommended cleaning agent

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, there might be a specific cleaning agent you should use on your sofa. There also might be specific cleaning agents you should avoid, so only choose the one that’s recommended by the manufacturer.

Before using a cleaning agent to clean your sofa, always spot test it first so you can catch any negative chemical reactions before it spoils your whole sofa.


Let the sofa dry

Use a soft towel to dry the fabric by patting down on wet areas, soaking up any residual moisture in the process. Afterwards, use a brush to get rid off any remaining particles.

Let the sofa dry overnight and you’ll wake up to the scent of a freshly cleaned fabric sofa.

Make cleaning a habit, especially if your upholstery is made of quality materials. Regular maintenance will make sure your sofa will look as good as the day it was bought!

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