Minimalist Home Set up

How to Create a Minimalist Home Setup

February 4, 2020

It’s mostly in our homes where we start and end our day. It’s in here where we relieve all the stress from the demanding pressures of work and get all the rest we can get to prepare for the next day’s battle.

We view our homes as a sanctuary and it’s an instinct to design them in a way that speaks much about our personality but more importantly, in a manner that would make us feel good, relaxed, and right at home.

If it’s an interior design that balances style and comfort, then embracing a minimalist home can be your step in the right direction.


The Art of Minimalism

A minimalist interior is characterised by its straightforwardness, intentionality, and purpose—factors that can be achieved through the use of functional furniture with a pared-down look and a colour palette of no more than two base colours.

In this article, we look into how you can create a minimalist home setup, starting with your furniture.


Focus on Function

First off, it’s vital to think about how you want your furniture to function. Are you planning to work from home? Are you trying to fit everything in a small apartment?

No matter the situation, the key to minimalism is to keep your furniture functional and as few as possible. Having said that, it’s safe to assume a higher demand for multi-functional, often custom-made furniture in Singapore in the years to come.

Pay Attention to Scale

Minimalism and open spaces go hand-in-hand. Therefore, in terms of decorating a minimalist home, you can’t go wrong with furniture items that feature clean and defined lines, giving the illusion of space.

Here, furniture items with slender figures and long, tapered legs, would be more appropriate than those that look bulky against a minimalist theme.

Keep a Neutral Palette

Neutral colours such as white along with understated, barely-there colours—greys, pastels, and nudes are intrinsic to minimalist design. The same goes for raw materials such as wood, metals, stones, etc.

Of course, if you don’t want to give up on colour, you can always add a pop of colour using accents. Pare back the materials and finishes of your furniture to allow these details to stand out.

Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

As minimalism is about keeping the clutter to a minimum, you’ll have to edit what you put on display—and because only a few curated pieces would make it to the counters and shelves, you’ll require someplace to store the excess.

For such items, smart storage solutions are key. Some stylish bins that could simply be tucked away under the bed or accent chairs that double as storage are a great idea.

Play on Texture

Of all the factors that make a minimalist interior, the texture is where you can get a little extra. Think of an upholstered headboard, textured wallpaper, faux fur area rugs or knitted blankets draped over your couch.

If you keep them in the same colour palette, there’s no way these textures would be overwhelming.

What we’ve given above are merely some tips to lay the ground rules of minimalist design. As you progress, you can always experiment a bit, further adding a touch of your personality to your home.

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