Marble Tabletops: Pros & Cons Of This Popular Material

Anybody into interior design or simply love shopping for furniture will surely know that marble has been, and will probably always be, one of the most popular materials. Many like incorporating it into countertops and tabletops such as the dining or console table, thanks to its beautiful aesthetic. However, choosing a marble console table is …

Best tips for picking a gorgeous marble table

Marble, a premium stone, has played a huge role for centuries in creating luxurious and expensive interior designs. Whether you’re going for a neoclassic, opulent-styled interior or a more modern but indulgent design for your home, marble works perfectly to create your ideal home space. Even in the absence of marble walls and floors, incorporating …

Marble Design Ceramic Tray (Large)

A ceramic tray with a marble design. You can use it as a serving tray for your pastries, cheese or tapas. It can even be used as a decor item.

Marble Oasis Ceramic Plates and Bowls

Plate your lovely meals on these marble design ceramic plates and bowls. Plates available in 8 inch and 10 inch Bowls available in 4.6 inch and 7.4 inch

Marble Trays

Display your pretty small items or toiletries in these beautiful marble trays. Available in white, black or green marble.

Simon Marble Coffee Table

Marble coffee tables never go out of style. With a simple frame, it can also achieve a minimalistic look despite marble being known for looking a bit more opulent.

Tyra Bookends

This pair of natural marble bookends are a classy addition to your bookshelf.

Cleopetra Candle Stand

The Cleopetra Candle Stand has a regal and luxurious appearance . Made of marble, this will be a great display ornament in your home. Available in black and white.

4 Important Things To Look Out For When Choosing The Perfect Vanity Table

Every lady dreams of having a fully stocked vanity table in her bedroom for all her dressing up needs.  Apart from containing the essential makeup and skincare products, the functionality and style of the vanity table should also be taken into consideration too.  If you are planning to get your own vanity table but have …

5 Things To Display On A Coffee Table For An Aesthetic Living Room

The coffee table in your home is usually placed right in the middle of your living room and thus, often captures people’s attention first. Hence, styling the coffee table is important to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space that will wow your guests and makes you look forward to coming home every day. If you have …