6 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas and Beyond

December 16, 2019

Although Christmas is technically a one-day affair, the festive celebrations usually begin right after Thanksgiving, or for some, as early as September.

It’s the time of the year when they start to set up their holiday décor and it probably would take long after the New Year before they start putting them away. Sure, leaving the decorations up for longer this way can extend the holiday cheer. But, often, this only results in the Christmas décor looking awkward and out of place.

The good news?

You can seamlessly keep the holiday spirit for longer with a little planning. As a custom-made furniture provider in Singapore, Snow Globe shares 6 ways on how you can decorate for Christmas and beyond.


Go beyond the traditional red and green. Just because red and green are the traditional Christmas colours doesn’t mean your home décor has to strictly follow suit. Match your holiday accessories with your existing interior design theme—it will make it easier for them to last long after the holidays. Think neutrals or any other colour that can serve as the base of your holiday décor.


Introduce flowers and greens. When the colour palette is established, you can start introducing non-holiday-specific accents such as fresh flowers, tree branches, and other greenery. You can then decorate them with inexpensive accessories such as garlands, white lights, and ribbons to make them festive and appropriate for the season.


Work with metallics. Moreover, don’t forget to accent your holiday décor with metallic details. Gold, rose gold, silver, brass, or copper will work with just about everything. You can use metallic spray paints to upgrade cheap decorations or accent your dining tableset up with metallic ribbons, napkins, or centrepieces.


Don’t discount thrift shopping. Bazaars, flea markets, and thrift shops are all good sources for cheap accessories to complete your holiday decorations. As illustrated above, you don’t have to spend so much on décor. All you need is a little creativity and in this case, some spray paint! These places are often where you can find antique pieces at very affordable prices.


Finish off with candles. To complete your not-so holiday decoration, fill your home with scented candles. These accessories can welcome the festive cheer into your home just as any other holiday decoration would. If you’re a little extra, you can heat some spices on the stove and instantly make your home feel cosy and smell Christmas-y.


Re-evaluate your home. As a final tip, make this holiday season an opportunity to think outside the box and well beyond decorations that speak directly to Christmas—Santa figurines, reindeer, snowman, Nativity scene, etc. Sometimes, all it takes is to change your furniture positions; move art and accessories around to make way for your holiday decor.

You can also think about investing in new furniture for a change. A new dining room furniture, perhaps? You’ll be surprised how these small updates could be enough to make your home feel more festive even long after Christmas has passed.

What are your plans for the holiday season? For more decorating tips and furniture ideas, visit our blog today.

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