4 Console Table Uses You May Not Have Thought Of

4 Console Table Uses You May Not Have Thought Of

When you hear the phrase “console table”, what do you think of? The first thought that springs to mind is probably a TV console table, as that is what most homeowners in Singapore use it for.

However, a console table has various uses which may not have come to your mind previously, other than to prop your television up.

Here are four unique ways to use a console table to take inspiration from.

1. Shoe cabinet

Customising a built-in shoe cabinet sounds fabulous but carpentry is typically the most expensive part of any home renovation due to the sheer amount of workmanship. So if you are on a budget, consider using a console table as your shoe cabinet instead. It costs a fraction of a built-in shoe cabinet and has benefits like giving you the liberty to move it around your home or even use it for something else when you no longer need it to store your shoes.

Console Table With Shoe Cabinet

We recommend getting a console table that has racks so you can place your shoes in it neatly and nicely. Our Heather Mahogany 4-Door Sideboard is a great option as its fluted design is trendy and brass-coloured metal accents add a pop of colour. It is also only 40cm wide so you can fit it into your home’s entryway or hallway with ease.

2. Bar cabinet/cart

Always dreamt of having a home bar to host friends and family over drinks, but do not have enough space to do so? Well, a console table can be transformed into a bar cabinet or cart to achieve a home bar that will not take up too much space. The trick is to choose one with an open concept, which essentially means without doors so as to flaunt your collection of alcohol and gorgeous wine glasses.

Console Table Bar Cart

The best part about using a console table as a bar cart is getting to move it from one area to another so you have free rein to showcase your bartending skills in either the kitchen or living room. Our Tabby Display Shelf uses durable tempered glass for its surfaces for easy cleaning in case of any spillages and comes in rose gold, gold or silver finish for that luxe feel.

3. Vanity table

If you are looking to steer clear from the mundane vanity table that comes with drawers or simply want to try leading a minimalist lifestyle, try using a console table as your vanity table instead! Go for one without cabinets or drawers so you can use the empty space within the frame as legroom when you sit down to complete your skincare or makeup routine. Minimal storage space also means having to keep your items tidy, cut down on unnecessary clutter and only purchase what you need – helping you to nail the minimalist lifestyle.

Vanity Table Design

Our Marble Console Table is a classic design that will fit right into any bedroom decor. Choose from a wide range of frame and tabletop colours to suit your style.

4. Bookcase

Bookworms will love this idea – instead of showcasing all your books on your bookshelf that would only collect dust easily, keep them all in a console table to extend their lifespan. This also keeps clutter away from sight and mind, apart from taking away the need to dust or clean your books very frequently.

Bookcase Table With Cabinet

Our Kate Media Console has segregated cabinets and drawers so you can separate your collection of books into genres easily.

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