2020 Home Furniture Trends You Should Look Forward To

January 31, 2020

Every year, Pantone announces the new Color of the Year, which sets the tone of the trends we can expect to see in almost every industry, particularly furniture and interior design.

As the colour authority names Classic Blue as the 2020 colour of the year, we are assuming that you have already started your search for the latest home furniture trends and taken part in the many conversations that primarily revolved around the trends and predictions of what will be in for 2020.

So, to make sure that you haven’t missed any trends that are predicted to make the most impact in Singapore in the upcoming year, we gathered all of them here in this article.



Singaporeans are moving from HDB to condos to experience the conveniences they have to offer: a well-rounded lifestyle, exclusive amenities, and security. But, along with these benefits is the downside of having lesser space for your furniture. This situation will further fuel the demand for furniture that is not only visually interesting but multifunctional as well. Think living room furniture—coffee tables and sofa—with concealed drawer storage; a couch that is convertible into a bed.


Classic Blue

If the introduction isn’t any indication, we will be seeing more Pantone-inspired furniture in the upcoming year. While it’s not quite as bright as 2019’s Living Coral, it is a stunning, versatile shade that can virtually fit in any space. The blue, which shade sits close to navy and royal blue, can either work as a bold, focal point or set the tone of the room, depending on how you style it.


Home Office Furniture

With the rise of home-based job opportunities, there’s a budding market of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups looking for furniture that is dedicated to home offices. A desk for the computer, a chair, and perhaps a drawer is necessary to start. But, because a home office isn’t your typical commercial office space, these furniture items have to be designed in a way that they can easily camouflage into home interior designs.


Unconventional Homes

Customising spaces has become a priority for most homeowners in 2019 and will likely continue to do so in the upcoming year. We are far from the days when living rooms look like they’re straight out of magazines, with their symmetric arrangements and matching styles. Homes today are becoming more fluid and variable, to say the least, in order to meet the requirements of every homeowner.


Geometric Patterns

On top of that, clean lines and geometric patterns will continue to influence interior design in 2020. Only they will be presented in a bolder fashion, proving their versatility in designing everything from furniture to wallpapers and lighting to name a few. Expect to see more couches, beds, and tables in geometric patterns, striking balance between classic and contemporary.


Like these predictions? Which trends are you most excited about?

As a custom-made furniture provider in Singapore, we have so much more furniture trends and news to cover soon. Make sure to never miss out by visiting our website!

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